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Stimulus Allowance Money: You and your family may receive $ 1,200 or more with an additional relief payment


We help you calculate the maximum amount that could end up in your pocket if you are met by another stimulus payment.

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If the Congress restart interviews to pass a stimulus bill before November 3 election, or if there is enforcement action that draws funding from existing pandemic programs, eligible Americans it’s theirs employees may still get a file second stimulus control up to $ 1,200 per adult before the end of the fourth quarter.

(If you are still waiting for the first stimulus check, you still have time to do it make a complaint.)

More than a trillion dollars separates Democrats and Republicans from what they want to spend on one new rescue package, but if they can finalize a compromise, how much could you expect to get from a second stimulus check, which would take into account factors such as your annual income? Let’s take a look at some potential scenarios, below. We update this story regularly.

The total payment could exceed $ 1,200. Here’s how to calculate it

Putting together how much stimulus money you and your family might receive can be tricky, but we’ll help you estimate. The $ 1,200 figure for individuals is based on the guidelines last law of stimulus and two proposalsand uses your adjusted gross income, or AGIand a set of rules for determining the total you might personally expect.

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Upcoming stimulus checks: what to expect


But there are also allowances for your entire family, including up to $ 2,400 if you are present with your spouse, as well as more money for dependents. In first control of the stimulus, only dependents aged 16 and under could qualify for an extra $ 500 each towards the family total. There is bipartisan support a include more people this time, which means you could potentially receive more from a second round of payments than the first.

Here are some potential scenarios based on our own stimulus control computer, which you can also use to get a more specific estimate for your particular situation.

Stimulus control calculations

scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

Scenario 4

Scenario 5

Archiving status






Taxes 2018 or 2019 AGI

$ 75,000

$ 90,000

$ 100,000

$ 100,000

$ 200,000

Dependents under 17 (CARES law)






Employees over the age of 17 (HEALS law)






Estimated amount of the check

$ 1,200

$ 1,700

$ 3,400

$ 4,400

$ 900

Most of the money your family could expect with another check

Depending on how the deals are resolved, the total amount your family could get may change. Here’s a look at the limits put in place to give you an idea of ​​what government leaders think.

CARES Law: With the CARES Act in March, there was no limit to the number of children who could count as employees, as long as they were under 17 and claimed by the taxpayer on their tax return, according to the Tax Foundation. Each employee would earn $ 500 from the taxpayer. Theoretically, a family where two adults and six children under 17 were entitled to the full amount could receive $ 5,400.

HEALS Law: Similar to the CARES law, the HEALS law promoted by Republicans does not mention a limit on the amount a family can receive. The difference is that it doesn’t limit employees under the age of 17 to qualifying for the $ 500 payout.

Act of heroes: The Heroes Act, put together by the Democrat-led House and which was never adopted by the Senate, would impose a limit of $ 6,000 on families of five or more. Essentially, it proposes $ 1,200 for each adult and employee, with a maximum of three dependents per family.


The amount of stimulus money you could get in a second round of checks is still undecided.

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How the IRS might send the stimulus payment

While there is no official plan yet, receiving this second stimulus check is likely to work much like the first time.

Direct deposit: If you declared taxes in 2018 or 2019 and included direct deposit banking information, chances are you can receive your check as a direct deposit. Even if you didn’t file your direct filing information with the IRS during the tax season, you should still be able to join. If you have requested an extension of your taxes, you can still submit them before the October 15, 2020 deadline and choose to share your direct filing information with the IRS. If another round of incentive payments is authorized, the IRS is likely to reopen the online tool used for the first round and allow you to record your information.

A paper check in the mail: If you don’t register your bank details with the IRS, you will likely receive a paper check in the mail, which you can deposit or cash. If you have recently moved, be sure to present your address change documents. The IRS will use your last known address, which could delay delivery of your check or otherwise cause a delay.

EIP card: Under the CARES Act, around 4 million people have also been sent money in the form of a prepaid economic impact payment card, a payment that you can spend like cash on a debit card. The cards arrived in plain, unmarked envelopes.

How the Americans used their first stimulus checks

A recent survey looked at how Americans use their stimulus controls. According to research from the National Bureau of Economic Research:

  • 15% of recipients said they spent or would spend most of their checks.
  • 33% they said they mostly saved
  • 52% they said they paid off the debt.

Overall, the report found that low-income households were significantly more likely to spend their stimulus checks, higher-income people were more likely to save it, and those with mortgages or who were renters were much more likely to pay off. the debt.

Are you looking for more information on stimulus control? Read all about finer points of stimulus payment here. If you are still waiting for your first stimulus controlhere 10 possible reasons for a delay, what you can do if you believe your payment has been lost or fell through the cracks and if you could get two refund checks from the IRS.

Shelby Brown contributed to this report.

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