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Strong storms move, but the potential for flash flooding remains

The severe storms may have receded, but the threat of flash floods continues across northern Georgia. Beginning at 9pm, a flash flood warning was issued for Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, and Fulton counties until 3am Sunday.

The FOX 5 Storm team monitored dozens of tornado warnings Saturday afternoon through the evening hour. More than a dozen counties in northern Georgia were warned at some point during the evening hours, including most of Metro Atlanta.

The violent storms were thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Delta. Delta stormed ashore late Friday as a Category 2 storm, but has since weakened considerably. The center of the storm hit the ground at 6pm. Friday near Creole, Louisiana, with maximum winds of 1

00 mph before pushing inland. Saturday afternoon, it was just a tropical depression, but it still pushed tropical humidity into Georgia, which resulted in bad weather.

Counties in Alabama and Georgia, including those that include the cities of Montgomery and Atlanta, were under Tornado Guard until Saturday night, but it was allowed to expire.


A change in Delta’s path once it touched ground forced the Storm Prediction Center to upgrade the Atlanta metro to a “level 2” risk for severe storms and warned of the possibility of tornadoes.

The FOX 5 Storm Team went live multiple times as tornado warnings appeared across Georgia. Damage reports slowly came to the FOX 5 editorial team.

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Most of Georgia experiences at least heavy rain. The FOX 5 Storm Team said around 1 to 2 inches of rain is likely by the end of the weekend with larger amounts in far north Georgia. There is also a concern about flash floods. Parts of the far north of Georgia are under observation until midnight on Monday.

Thunderstorm probabilities, along with tornado potential, will begin to decline early Sunday morning with the entire storm system gone Monday afternoon.

The winds will begin to accelerate this afternoon and will peak during the night hours. Some areas may experience non-storm related wind damage with saturated ground and wind gusts above 30 mph.

Unfortunately, it won’t be the best weekend for outdoor activities, but if you don’t mind humid conditions you can save part of the day.

Sunday looks much more promising, especially as there will be no risk of severe thunderstorms.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report

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