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Study: revealed the last armored dinosaur fossil meal

Scientists discovered the last meal for an armored dinosaur that existed 110 million years ago – a salad, essentially.

What is happening:

“The discovery of the contents of the stomach actually preserved by a dinosaur is extraordinarily rare, and this stomach recovered from the mummified nodosaur by the museum team is by far the best preserved dinosaur stomach ever found to date.”

“When people see this extraordinary fossil and we are told that we know what his last meal was because his stomach was so well preserved inside the skeleton, he would almost bring the beast back to life for them, providing a glimpse of how the animal actually carried his daily activities, where he lived and what his favorite food was. ”


  • The dinosaur’s final meal was fern leaves with some stems and twigs. So essentially a dinosaur salad. And the dinosaur’s stomach contained some coal, a sign that it was “sailing in an area where ferns were growing back after a fire,” according to CNET.
  • Stomach contents revealed that the dinosaur probably died between late spring and mid-summer due to the plants he had eaten.

Because matter:

  • According to the researchers, previous research has shown seeds and twigs in the intestines of dinosaurs. But there was little or no information on the types of plants. But this study takes a look at what eating habits mean for these dinosaurs.

  • Royal Tyrrell Museum paleontologist Caleb Brown said: “This new study changes what we know about the diet of large herbivorous dinosaurs. Our findings are also remarkable for what they can tell us about the animal’s interaction with its environment, details that we usually don’t get only from the dinosaur skeleton. ”

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