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Suspect in Denver who didn’t shoot a licensed security guard: report

The private security guard who was jailed on first-degree murder charges stemming from a fatal shooting Saturday in Denver during duel protests was reportedly not properly cleared to work at the position.

Matthew Robert Dolloff, 30, reportedly worked as a contract security guard for 9News at the time of the shooting. The local news station reported late Sunday that he was hired by another company to accompany his news staff to the protests.

The station reported that it later found out that it appears Dolloff was not actually employed by the company used, and the company did not provide any further information about his actual employer.

Matthew Dolloff courtesy of the Denver Police / Twitter

Matthew Dolloff courtesy of the Denver Police / Twitter

The 9News report went further and said the Denver Department of Excise and Licensing “has no documentation” that Dolloff was licensed to work as a security guard.

Dolloff, 30, was arrested in connection with a crash Saturday afternoon at Civic Center Park in Denver.

A man participating in what was announced a “Patriot Rally” slapped and sprayed Mace at a man who appeared to be Dolloff, the Denver Post reported, based on his photographs from the scene. The man identified by the paper as Dolloff pulled a gun from his belt and shot the other person, according to the Denver Post reporter who witnessed the incident.

The man who was shot dead was identified by family members as Lee Keltner, a military veteran, grandfather and declared patriot who was there to express his support for the police.

“My son Lee was at the Patriots Gathering in Denver today,” his mother wrote to the group. “After the meeting a person from BLM and Antifa approached him and said some bad words then shot him in the head. He was murdered because he supported the police. “


A decision on any charges will rest with the Denver District Attorney’s Office, police said. A spokesperson for District Attorney Beth McCann said Sunday that the arrest affidavit in the case remained sealed and submitted further questions to the police.

Peter Aitken of Fox News and the Associated Press contributed to this report

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