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Suspicious footage of a “UFO” flying over New Jersey drives alien hunters crazy

A TIKTOK video showing an alleged “real UFO sighting” is going viral.

The video was captured yesterday in New Jersey and shows a strange sphere floating in the sky.

The unidentified flying object has the look one would expect from a flying saucer in a movie.

The movie was uploaded by user TikTok @ Elvin_jku14.

The person filming can be heard saying, “Everyone stopped to see the aliens.”

The video was shot from a car on a busy highway in the United States.

The sighting is probably an airship


The sighting is probably an airshipCredit: TikTok

Many beeps are heard.

The person filming adds: “I don’t know if that’s true or not, but everyone has blocked the highway.”

More footage of the same mysterious object is also appearing online.


However, it looks like the UFO may actually just be the Goodyear airship with its neon sign showing a message.

The airship is commonly used to advertise sporting events and looks rather foreign to people who are not used to seeing it.

Many people are turning to Twitter to discuss the Goodyear Blimp point.

Others are still certain that it is a real alien sighting.

Fermi paradox: what is it?

Here’s what you need to know …

  • Fermi’s paradox is not rigorous proof for alien life, but more of a thought experiment
  • It is a famous contradiction posed by the physicist Enrico Fermi
  • Fermi suggested that the enormous size of the universe – and the billions of Sun-like stars in the galaxy and their planets – make it highly likely that there is intelligent life out there.
  • Some of these civilizations may have developed interstellar travel
  • But Fermi also noted that there is a significant lack of evidence for life on other planets
  • The chances of the aliens reaching us are high, but there is no evidence the aliens ever had
  • This paradox has baffled scientists for decades

In other strange space news, alien life could produce an Earth-like gas on Venus, our closest space neighbor.

A former NASA genius sells “the smell of space” in a perfume bottle.

And a massive star in a distant galaxy baffled astronomers by disappearing without a trace.

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