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Tampa Bay Rays will kick off Tyler Glasnow against New York Yankees’ Gerrit Cole in ALDS Game 5

SAN DIEGO – New York Yankees ace Gerrit Cole has never started a major league with less than the traditional four days of rest. Not even the Tampa Bay Rays Tyler Glasnow flamethrower.

Nonetheless, both will be on the mountain on Friday for a winner takes all game 5 of the American League Division Series as rivals from AL East have their final 2020 duel.

Glasnow, who was the winning pitcher in the second game of the series, mowing down a Yankees formation that broke a post-season record 1

8 times, will start Game 5 in just two days of rest. Glasnow has offered no less than four days off since July 2018, when it was used primarily as a relief by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

“I only found out five minutes ago,” Glasnow said after the Yankees’ 5-1 win Thursday night at Petco Park which forced a 5 game. “I haven’t really talked about innings or anything like that, I just know that. I’ll start tomorrow. But I feel good, I’m excited and I’m ready to go out and launch tomorrow. “

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Glasnow threw 93 shots in five innings in Game 2, giving up four runs and three hits, two of which were slugger home runs. Giancarlo Stanton and eliminating 10. Glasnow told coach Kevin Cash that he was available on Wednesday, the day after his start, and said the short rest would not be a problem on Friday.

“I’ll be fine,” he said. “As for health, I feel really good. I’m ready to go.”

First match winner of the ALDS Cole has never thrown a short rest in 216 career starts, including post-season. Even so, his manager and teammates would have no other way.

“I am thrilled to see him on the pitch, there is no question,” said manager Aaron Boone. “He’s excited to catch the ball with the opportunity to help us move forward. To be able to deliver the ball to arguably the best pitcher in the game, there’s some comfort in that. But I’m just excited to see him go. away and compete as he always does “.

“We’re going to win,” added first baseman Luke Voit, who led all baseball with 22 regular-season homers and scored his first of the postseason on Thursday night. “[With] Gerrit on the mound, this is the best possible situation for us, and we’re stuck and loaded. But for them too it’s a great game. We know we’ll do their best and they’ll have all their bullpen guns by tomorrow, so we know we’ll go out and fight. “

Outfielder Aaron Judge could have said it better after Cole’s 13 strikeout performance in the Yankees’ 12-3 win over Cleveland in the wild card round: “That’s why we got him. We didn’t. launch in April, we didn’t get him to launch in May. We made him launch post-season baseball for the Yankees. “

Cole explained that he had been preparing for the chance to pitch in a match 5 since his debut with ALDS, consulting with some of his former teammates. And though he changed some of his preparation between starts, Cole said he wasn’t worried about the quality of his short rest shots.

“I’ve talked to a few guys who’ve done it before, and it’s not something that’s probably sustainable for the entire season, but certainly the human body is capable of doing it,” Cole said. “We saw the Brewers riding CC [Sabathia] very difficult for that majestic ride. [The Astros] he put Justin Verlander out there for a short rest first, so he did [Zack] Greinke and Dallas as well [Keuchel], some of those guys I talked to. You just have to go out there and do your job. When the lights go on, it doesn’t matter if it’s three, four, five, six, seven days off … you have to do your job. “

This will surely be the time for the Yankees to cash in on their $ 324 million investment, and Cole said he is pleased with the magnitude of the moment. And you will win Game 5 or put your cleats away until February.

“It’s a special opportunity. I think everyone feels like it’s a special match,” Cole said. “Whenever you are in a formation in a do-or-die match, your teammates trust you, your manager trusts you, as a player it’s always a good feeling. You always want to be out there in the big. moment Both teams would have wanted to win this series before Game 5 but, hey, we’re here, and it’s part of the path to getting where we want to go, so we’ll have to get through it. “

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