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Tesla starts trial production of long-range rear-wheel drive model Y.

Tesla has started production of long-range rear-wheel drive test model Y with a view to an imminent launch, according to sources who know the issue.

When Tesla launched the Model Y in March 2019, the company listed four different versions of the electric SUV: Standard Range, Long Range, Dual Motor AWD (with a long range battery) and Performance (also with a long range battery) .

However, earlier this month, CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla was canceling the Standard Range version of the Model Y and instead would only add a long-haul rear-wheel drive version to the range.

Musk said the new version of the electric SUV will arrive in the coming months.

Now Electrek has learned that Tesla has embarked on a series of long-range rear-wheel drive production tests for Model Y, according to sources who know the matter.

Production testing is one of the last steps towards placing a new version of a vehicle on the market.

Tesla subjected some Model Y LR RWD vehicles to a test run on its GA4 assembly line before temporarily turning it off for updates.

The automaker has not yet opened orders for the new version of the vehicle.

Tesla hasn̵

7;t confirmed the price yet, but Musk hinted at $ 45,000 when he first announced the new version and earlier this week, we reported that Tesla surprisingly lists long-range RWD Y model for $ 48,000 on his loan calculator.

However, the automaker removed the list after reporting the update.

Electrek’s Take

To be fair, Tesla produces the long-haul rear-wheel drive model Y is not a big leap forward in producing the long-range dual-engine AWD model Y.

They are basically just removing the front engine, which they are already doing for the Model 3.

But you still need to manufacture the car and test it to make sure it conforms to standards and get the go-ahead from the EPA.

I think the production is not too far away.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla opens orders for the Y LR RWD model by the end of the month and will start deliveries next month.

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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