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Tesla’s new center console and Model 3 wheels spark conversations within the electric vehicle community

Recent images from Tesla’s Fremont Factory revealed that the electric car maker is launching “upgraded” versions of its Model 3 sedan. The new production vehicles feature several subtle upgrades, including a new center console and some rather unique wheels. And as with any modification to a beloved product, Tesla enthusiasts are quite divided about the changes.

A look at the newly produced Model 3 shows Tesla has adopted what appears to be a more traditional design for the new center console of the all-electric sedan. Unlike the seamless black console of the original Model 3, the ‘refurbished’ vehicles feature a matte finish, silver accents and faux leather stitching. The phone charger cover in the original console has also been removed.

Numerous Tesla owners have readily welcomed the new update, with some claiming that the new center console design simply looks more refined and luxurious. Others, however, have said that the original piano̵

7;s black console worked best as it fits perfectly into the vehicle’s minimalist interior and smooth, sleek lines. Some have even observed that the new console looks like something legacy automakers like GM or Chrysler would design for their cars.

It’s not just the Model 3’s center console that has caused some conversations among the electric car community. The vehicle’s wheels have also become a point of interest among Tesla enthusiasts. This is largely due to what appear to be the new Model 3 wheels, which now have a slightly different look to their classic 19 “sports wheels.

The new wheels, initially shared on the EV blog Electrek, appear to be about the same size as classic 19 “sports rims. However, they are noticeably flatter, suggesting that the new wheels can be optimized for efficiency. The new wheels are also quite interesting in that not all their spokes have the same shape. This, along with the look of the new wheels, inspired suggestions that Tesla’s new aerodynamic covers for Model 3 could be.

Similar to the new center console, the newly spotted Model 3 rims also received polarizing reactions from the Tesla community, with a number of owners noting that the previous 19-inch sports rims looked much better. That said, it should be noted that the new Model 3 wheels actually look very similar to the Slipstream Model S wheels, which are being sold by Tesla today as part of its winter tire package.

As noted by several Tesla owners, the polarizing reception from the company’s enthusiasts is pretty much in shape for the electric car maker. Other Tesla creations, after all, received mixed reviews during their unveiling, only to be welcomed later. A good example of this is the Cybertruck, which has divided the electric vehicle community to such an extent that some Tesla owners have called the electric car maker about the vehicle. Almost a year later, the Cybertruck is pretty much accepted, as its huge booking list suggests.

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