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The amazing Google Pixel 5 video shows the flagship we really want

It’s Pixel 4a’s turn to debut Monday (August 3), at least according to a teaser in the Google online store. But that doesn’t mean Pixel 5 is still in the back-burner.

A new trailer showcasing a concept design for Google’s next flagship phone has appeared on YouTube, courtesy of Incosive Labs. And it looks a lot like a phone that Mountain View would be happy to release.

It may seem like an inverted compliment, since previous Pixel flagships did not always deliver designer products, despite their other strengths. But the concept design of Incosive Labs shows a phone that eliminates some of our constant complaints about the appearance of the Pixel.

To begin with, Pixel 5 in this video concept has very minimal frames. This is a change from Pixel 4, which has however maintained a slight frame at the top of the phone to accommodate both the front camera and the sensors necessary for Google’s Motion Sense function. But with that gesture control feature reportedly on the cutting edge block for Pixel 5, this would allow Google to use a camera cutout on the phone’s display, while reducing the bezels. And that’s what Incosive Labs did with its concept design.

Hopefully Google will get a little more vibrant with the colors on the Pixel 5 than what we see in this video. We have no problem with the black and white options and the video even adds Google-like accents to the power button. But previous Pixel models have also included colors like Oh-So Orange and Not Pink, and hopefully Pixel 5 will retain that sense of playfulness.

If you’ve gone too far with the large camera array on the early Pixel 5 concepts, this video should ease your worries. We have a more conventional square array – well, conventional for phones nowadays – located in the upper left corner of the back of the phone. This array houses two camera lenses and a flash, and is no more intrusive than what you’ll see on existing phones like iPhone 11 Pro.

The Incosive Labs video shakes up a lot of potential specs, which seem to be based on rumors we’ve heard so far about Pixel 5. This phone would have a 90Hz display – a blocking feature from Pixel 4 – and those two lenses on the back would be dual 12 megapixel and ultra wide camera; the front camera is also a 12 MP shooter. As has been said elsewhere, this phone has a Snapdragon 765G chipset, which would allow Google to keep costs down while still offering 5G connectivity. Corresponding to a recent Google price survey, the video lists the starting price of the Pixel 5 for $ 699.

Will this design prove similar to what Google actually has in the pipeline for Pixel 5? We’ll see the Pixel 4a first, but once that cheap phone is shipped, we expect rumors about the Pixel 5 to warm up before the flagship phone’s fall launch.

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