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The autonomous robot uses UVC light to disinfect the warehouses

Researchers believe the approach could be used to independently disinfect other environments, such as factories, restaurants, supermarkets and schools. The system is able to map a certain space and can navigate between waypoints and other specified areas.

“As we drive the robot around the food bank, we are also researching new control policies that allow the robot to adapt to changes in the environment and ensure that all areas receive the appropriate estimated dosage,”

; Alyssa Pierson, CSAIL researcher and a technician. lead on this project, he said in a statement. “We are focused on remote operation to minimize human supervision and, therefore, the additional risk of spreading Covid-19 while running our system.”

UVC light is sometimes used to sterilize patient rooms and other medical facilities. The MTA is currently testing UV light boxes as a way to disinfect subways and buses. We also saw the UV light used to clean humidifiers and aircraft toilets.

“We are excited to see the UVC disinfectant robot supporting our community in this time of need,” said Daniela Rus, director of the CSAIL project. “The insights we received from working at GBFB highlighted several algorithmic challenges. We plan to address them in order to extend the reach of autonomous UV disinfection in complex spaces, including dormitories, schools, airplanes and grocery stores. “

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