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The “broken heart” bride as Wish’s $ 100 wedding dress doesn’t look like the photos

A bride-to-be was horrified after purchasing a $ 107 wedding dress online only to find it didn’t look anything like the photos when it arrived.

Meaghan Taylor, 23, purchased the second-hand dress via online retailer Wish for $ 107 (CA $ 102), which was shown in the photos as a floor-length flowing lace dress with an a heart shape.

But Ms. Taylor didn’t expect to find the dress she unwrapped, she said it barely fit her, and when she put it on she scrambled up her legs.

The mother of one from Canada, who is planning a wedding with her fiancé Keith, 30, shared photos of herself in the dress online, saying, “In another episode of what we ordered and what we actually got. received. My face says exactly how I feel. “

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“I was blown away by what I got,”

; Ms. Taylor said in an interview with The sun. “It didn’t look anything like the photo when I ordered it. I was heartbroken, but I couldn’t help but laugh. “

Ms. Taylor said that after trying on the dress she immediately demanded her money back from Wish, but claims she was denied a refund.

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“I asked for my money back,” he said. “But they told me I needed the original packaging and the box it came in, which I didn’t keep.”

But Ms. Taylor continued to push for her refund.

“Then I told them this ruined my marriage because I was expecting the dress in the photo,” she said. “And in the end they gave me my money back.”

He said after sharing the photo he hoped some people would “take advantage of it”.

The bride plans to celebrate her wedding when coronavirus restrictions are eased.

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