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The Egyptians tell the moss pyramids not built by aliens, they invite him to visit

The Egyptians urged Elon Musk to visit Egypt and deepen research on the pyramids after he seemed to claim that the ancient structures had been built by aliens, according to reports.

The founder of SpaceX Musk has a history of irregular tweets, which make bold statements about the social media platform that divides the observers. On Friday, Musk was there again when he tweeted that “The aliens built the obv pyramids” – a message that was retweeted over 84,000 times on Sunday morning.

The message hit a nerve in Egypt, with leaders and experts from the country responding to the conspiracy theory, the BBC reported.

Egyptian international cooperation minister Rania al-Mashat responded with a tweet that invited Musk to explore the evidence on the construction of the structures, and seemed to invite Musk to visit and see the pyramids alone.

“We are waiting for you,”

; said al-Mashat.

Archaeologist and Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass posted a video in response to Musk’s claim, stating that the topic was “a complete hallucination”.

“I found the tombs of the pyramid builders, who tell everyone that the pyramid builders are Egyptian and were not slaves,” Hawass said in a video on his official Facebook page.

“The pyramids were a national project for the whole nation. Ramsees II was an Egyptian from Sharqia. “


Initially Hawass did not intend to respond to Musk’s tweet, but explained that he felt he had to do it after realizing how widespread these theories were, Egypt Today reported. Hawass advised Musk to read more about the pharaohs and the pyramids to realize that they had nothing to do with space and that the Egyptians built the structures more than 4000 years ago.

The secondary argument arises after an UFO investigation unit in the Pentagon began releasing documents from its 10-year research on sightings. The reports of the unit have caused a sensation, with claims of “vehicles out of this world” and descriptions of objects of “undetermined origin” that crash on Earth.


Musk later seemed to recognize the possibility, tweeting a link to a BBC article on pyramid builders, saying, “This BBC article provides a sensible summary of how it was done.”

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