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The Golden Tate of the New York Giants spoke to sister Joe Judge about Jalen Ramsey’s fight

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – New York Giants wide receiver Golden Tate has had conversations with both his sister Breanna and manager Joe Judge following a post-game fight with Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey. If he had any regrets about the field incident at SoFi Stadium last Sunday, he wouldn’t have said.

“Next question,” Tate said Thursday in a video call with reporters in which he mostly diverted questions about the scuffle.

Ramsey and Tate have had some kind of public feud over a family situation over the past year. Ramsey has two young daughters with Tate’s younger sister Breanna.

Wide receiver Giants laughed when it was suggested that he must have won the battle because there were no bruises on his face.

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“I was wearing a helmet,” he added, after continually insisting that the team focus on playing for the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. Tate also said he wasn’t sure there would be any discipline from the championship in the end. Sources told ESPN earlier in the week that there was no suspension.

Tate revealed that the judge asked what happened in the days following the game. He told his side of the story.

“[Judge] he took my word for it and we moved on, ”Tate said.

After lining up on multiple occasions throughout the match, including when Ramsey led Tate on a key tackle in the fourth quarter, the two players met near the midfield and began trading shots. The Giants believe it was Ramsey who punched the first punch and did not expect to discipline Tate for his actions, barring new information.

“Look, all I can say is that the story I got from a number of our players is that obviously there is a story between them. There was a punch. Golden was defending himself. said he wasn’t the right one. who threw the punch, “the judge said earlier in the week. “Everyone involved was trying to break the situation. I can say that both our players and the staff and the Rams players, from what I saw with my own eyes, were all in there trying to break everything.”

Tate said it’s not something he has thought about much in the past few days. He is trying to move on.

The Giants (0-4) are still looking for their first win and Tate has not yet reached the end zone. New York is last in the NFL, averaging 11.8 points per game at his encounter with the Cowboys.

“Honestly, it’s Dallas week,” said Tate, who has 14 catches for 103 yards in three games this season. “I don’t even want to back down and discuss it because I don’t think going back will help us this week. I don’t really want to get more attention or put any other highlights out there that don’t have something to do with Dallas. So I want to keep going. ahead and get a win this week. “

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