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The heart of Warframe’s Deimos adds a chaotic open world, a new frame update system

Presented for the first time during Digital Extreme’s TennoCon 2020 livestream, Warframe’s Heart of Deimos expansion introduces a dark storyline set in the next position of the open world on the moon of Mars. In this large-scale update of the online action role-playing game, you will face off against new hordes of Infested who have taken control of the moon Deimos, snatching control from the lost Entrati family. As you explore the moon, you will acquire new armaments of power, including a customizable mech suit and even unlock the means to further improve your character suite, but at a high cost.

Prior to its TennoCon debut, GameSpot had the opportunity to take a look at the Heart of Deimos expansion. The new content will be open to all players who have unlocked Mars on the star map, allowing new arrivals and veterans to jump into the new story by focusing on the Haunted control of the moon of Mars. Understanding the surface and a vast network of procedurally generated underground caverns, you will explore a section of Deimos known as Cambion Drift to aid the remains of the Entrati family, while unlocking the true power of the helminth, which has been hidden on your ship.

In addition to a new open world, the expansion will add another level to the game’s extensive customization systems. One of the surprising new additions to the update is the means to expand your Frame’s powers by giving it abilities from different characters. For example, if you want to give Volt’s shock ability to Mag, you can do this by feeding Volt to the Helminth located on your ship. Doing so will permanently sacrifice your current Volt and the only way to get Volt back would be to create a new one. It is a difficult choice, especially for longtime players who have a large stable of frames to choose from. However, it presents an interesting opportunity to intensify the attributes of your favorite frame.

This new way of updating Frames also talks about the way Heart of Deimos continues with the tradition of huge expansions that shake things up in the online game. Speaking with Sheldon Carter, Chief Operator of Digital Extremes before TennoCon 2020, he delved into what will come with the expansion that not only introduces a new open world, but reviews many of the game’s existing systems and frames.

“What we wanted to do [Heart of Deimos] it was a mix between the new and the old, “said Carter.” Since we will make an open world again, we wanted to make sure we put that experience together tightly. We want it to have something for gamers that would feel like a very narrow open world with different crossing options with your K-Drive, but that also focuses on Warframe’s main experience of procedural content that goes through the tunnels below. At the same time, there will be new ways to play the Helminth system, so you’ll mix and match the powers of Warframe, which is new and different. So it’s an expansion where we felt it worked well for the stories we want to tell within the game, focusing on the Entrati family and the Infested. It also worked really well for the way we organized our team as we moved into this interesting period with the pandemic. So yes, working on Heart of Deimos was an interesting opportunity. “

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In the open world, you can expect to find a variety of story missions, side activities and even a few secrets to find out which explain what happened to the world before you arrived. Once you arrive on the planet, you will be treated with an initial scene that lays the foundation for the conflict, all explained by a new artificial intelligence machine called LOID. In addition to dealing with new forms of Infestate on Deimo, it will also be evident that they have significant control over the state of things on the moon. On the surface, two gigantic incandescent infesters, known as Wyrms, are actually the guiding lights of Deimos – one representing the moon and the other the sun. In perpetual conflict, one monster will eventually defeat the other, and when that happens, the smaller infestation will change to adapt to the current ruler of Deimos. While we can only see this reflection in normal enemies, the developers have stated that their conflict occurs in cycles and that they have bigger plans for the moon and sun Wyrms in the future.

The upcoming expansion will also introduce many quality of life updates. First, K-Drive – the version of Warframe on the hoverboard – will see some new updates, including new Velacipod ride-on animals. Along with better control, you will now be able to use your secondary weapons while using K-Drive. In addition, the Operator will now have a greater role to play in combat and in the open world. When in Operator mode, you can jump into the Entry mechs scattered around the world to free yourself from the Infested. During your Deimos campaign, you will also interact with members of the Entrati family who have retreated underground. One of these characters you will interact with is the mother, the matriarch of the Entrati family who has links with the vacuum technology and the constructs shown during the game. Taking on missions for the Mother will take you into forays into the subsoil, which resemble events crawling underground.

In recent years, Warframe has seen many changes to the state of online gaming. In 2017, The Plains of Eidolon introduced the first open world map, which featured dynamic research and a new storyline. The following year saw the expansion of Fortune, which brought players to the open world of Venus, fighting against Corpus to free the indebted workers. In 2019, Warframe also introduced large-scale naval combat with Railjack, allowing teams of players to work together to pilot a ship against enemies. According to Carter, Heart of Deimos is the next way for Digital Extremes to make a big change for Warframe.

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“Our attempts to shake things up are what keeps Warframe fresh and interesting after all these years,” said Carter. “What’s cool for players is cool for us. It’s not that we don’t just want to focus on shooting and parkour, that stuff is amazing, but it’s like what we can give you that will give you a new twist on those experiences? What is the story that we can say that you have never seen in any other game? What is the game where you can sacrifice your Frame to get another power and see this crazy mouth inside your ship? I think it allows us to creatively extend , and this is one of the best parts of Warframe from a developer perspective. You always have to stretch your creative muscles and find strange new ways that still fit the core of what Warframe is. “

Released simultaneously on August 25 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, Heart of Deimos appears to be another huge game changer for Warframe. The hellish landscape of Deimos has vibrations similar to Dead Space, which should make it incredibly disturbing and unnerving to explore. In addition to this new expansion, Digital Extremes has also revealed the upcoming upcoming Frame, Xaku, which will arrive with the new expansion.

For more information on the new wave of Warframe content, make sure to stick with GameSpot as more details are released.

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