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The Home Depot is selling a new Google Chromecast that hasn’t been announced

Google’s Pixel 5 event is scheduled for this Wednesday, but some of the company’s other new gadgets are already appearing on store shelves. That includes its all-new Chromecast, which some savvy shoppers have been able to purchase right in-store from retailers like Walmart and The Home Depot over the past week.

The Verge purchased one of these devices from The Home Depot and can confirm that the retailer is not preventing customers from checking out and taking the pre-release product home.

Not all stores seem to sell the item; we tried two and only found the new Chromecast in a second position. And entering the universal product code listed on the receipt on the retailer̵

7;s website doesn’t return any results, so it looks like you can only buy it in person in advance.

The receipt doesn’t even say Chromecast on it; it simply lists the device as “SABRINA-ABBEY ROCK CANDY”, which is the code name of the hardware (and another clue that the Chromecast is being sold sooner than expected). Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

We’ve seen a lot of information about the new streaming dongle occurring during leaks, including its new oval design and Google’s first dedicated Chromecast remote. But thanks to these early sales, we’re getting a lot more information than we usually do before release. Here are some important tips, gathered from both our own experience and that of others who have kept Q&A on Reddit and elsewhere:

  • The device costs $ 49.99
  • The code name is actually “Sabrina”, as early rumors suggest because it is printed on the receipt itself (in full as Sabrina-Abbey, although it is not clear exactly what Abbey means or what it might refer to)
  • It comes in a white finish that Google calls “snow”
  • It works with a renamed version of Android TV called Google TV (not to be confused with Google other defunct smart TV platform of the same name first released 10 years ago)

We’ll have more to share about the new Chromecast soon. Google Pixel 5’s official hardware event, in which it plans to announce the new Chromecast along with other new hardware, including a speaker from Nest, is scheduled for 2 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Sept. 30.

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