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The iPhone 12 loses to the iPad Air 4 on AnTuTu, also lags behind the iPhone 11 in graphics

Apples The A14 Bionic is the first commercially available 5nm SoC, and it doesn’t just power the new one IPhone 12 range, but also iPad Air 4.

Apple claims that the chip’s CPU and GPU are about 50% faster than competing smartphone SoCs. It also says the new chipset is good enough to challenge the performance of laptops.

Apple has apparently limited A1
4 Bionic performance on the iPhone 12

Benchmarking website AnTuTu made an important observation on the A14. The iPad Air 4 scored more scores than the iPhone 12 in a benchmarking test, even if they are backed by the same chip. The devices that were tested had the same memory configuration.

iPad Air 4 achieved an overall score that is nearly 17 percent higher than the iPhone 12. The tablet’s CPU is 9.5 percent faster than the iPhone and delivers 30 percent faster graphics performance. %.

The benchmarking website believes that the A14’s performance was limited on the iPhone 12 due to its relatively smaller battery capacity to avoid overheating issues. The same could be said for the iPhone 12 Pro, looking at its purported scores.

Since the iPhone 12 Pro Max apparently has a lot Larger battery than the iPhone 12 Pro, we expect it to be closer in performance to the slate.
The website also notes that iPhone 11 Pro outperformed the iPhone 12 in the GPU test, even though the latter has a faster GPU.

The A13 Bionic is already a pretty capable chip, and the latest comparison makes us wonder if the A14 Bionic on the new iPhones is doing something revolutionary for the average user, as well as giving them bragging rights.

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