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The latest footage of the Seattle CHOP sees one dead, another in critical condition

One man died and another remains hospitalized in critical condition on Monday following the latest shootings in the Seattle Capitol Hill, or CHOP, organized protest.

Two males who suffered gunshot wounds arrived at the Harborview Medical Center emergency room.

The victim of the shootings who arrived at the hospital at 3:30 in the morning from the CHOP area of ​​Capitol Hill in Seattle unfortunately died, hospital spokeswoman Susan Gregg told Fox News. He was transported to hospital through doctors from the Seattle fire department.

The other male arrived at about 3:1

5 in a private vehicle. It remains in critical condition in the intensive care unit.


The Seattle Police Department reported that officers were investigating a shooting near 12 Avenue and Pike Street where two people were reportedly injured.

That corner is located about two blocks from Cal Anderson Park, where protesters initially camped in tents to occupy the area initially called the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

The camp has become more difficult to manage, attracting violence and a large homeless population since the beginning of the occupation three weeks ago.

Sunday’s organizers said they are looking to move to the abandoned east district, where most of the protest leadership has already taken refuge, as part of the effort to secure the best bargaining chip in getting city officials to act on the reform. police and other requests, the Seattle Times reported.

The city’s efforts to dismantle the CHOP were thwarted on Friday when protesters took to the streets to block Seattle Department of Transportation crews and heavy machinery from removing barricades around the occupied area. The crews left after two hours without removing the barricades.

Negotiations between the city leadership and organizers over the weekend have not proved fruitful, as hundreds of protesters reportedly refused to leave the Capitol Hill area.

This is not the first pitch connected to the CHOP. The first and only fatality was recorded on June 20 when a 19-year-old protester was shot around 2:30 in the morning near Cal Anderson Park on 10th Avenue and East Pine Street within the area called CHOP. Another man was injured in the accident.

“The agents attempted to locate a gunshot victim, but were greeted by a violent crowd that prevented the officers from accessing the victims safely,” said the Seattle Police Department in a press release at the time.

“The officers were later informed that the victims, both male, had been transported to the Harbourview medical center by CHOP” doctors “,” he continued. “The agents responded to Harborview and were informed that one of the victims, a 19-year-old male, had died of injuries.”

The death prompted Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan to announce last week that the city would begin efforts to dismantle the CHOP, asking organizers to persuade protesters to disperse to avoid police intervention.

A seventeen year old was shot in the arm around 10 in the evening. on June 21 near Cal Anderson Park.

“To ensure the safety of medical personnel, the police arranged with Seattle Fire on the edge of the CHOP area and was gathering information on where the victim of the shooting was located when he learned that he had been transported in a private vehicle to the Harborview Medical Center. “a police press release said.

He has since been discharged from the hospital and refused to speak to detectives.

A 30-year-old man was shot in early June 23rd. Police received more than 911 calls around 4:30 in the morning to report that someone had been shot in block 1100 on East Denny Way.


“Seattle firefighters’ officers and doctors staged nearby and met with the victim outside the area known as Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP),” a police news release said.

“The victim refused to provide the agents with information about the circumstances surrounding the shooting or a suspicious description. Doctors transported the victim to Harborview Medical Center for the treatment of a gunshot wound to the calf. “

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