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The legends of people other than Zelda

Whose legend is it? The titular Alundra, an elven “Dreamwalker” who has the ability to enter the sleeping minds of others ̵

1; who, for some reason, inevitably takes the form of dungeons filled with Zelda– puzzles and bosses.

What is the legend about? After a sudden shipwreck, Alundra washes ashore in the village of Inoa, whose residents – conveniently enough – find themselves plagued by an increasingly deadly series of nightmares that only their new resident can uncover. Working with local scientist Septimus and colleague Dreamwalker Meia, Alundra investigates both the village and the subconscious of its residents in an attempt to get to the bottom of the plague.

Such as Zelda is? ❤️❤️❤️

Quite a bit, at least in the beginning. The top-down perspective is immediately obvious, along with the division between full world exploration and more elaborate dungeon exploration. (Plus, block-pushing puzzles, sliding ice puzzles, and more Zelda tropes are wildly abundant.) But where Alundra it gets really interesting is where it deviates from the Nintendo model by being, well, well written. Heavy arguments abound, and rather than a series of static in charge of missions, Inoa’s residents evolve and change throughout the game, not always for the better, as the increase in the number of deaths, despite Alundra’s best efforts, brings to increasingly tormented outbursts of xenophobia and despair.

Hookshot y / n? No, but Alundra gets a huge assortment of wands, boots, cloaks and more to enhance her arsenal and movement skills. Fun Fact: Many of these new items were developed by local blacksmith Jess after being inspired by someone’s death in the village! AlundraIt’s just that kind of game.

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