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THE MORNING AFTER: The excitement of a Bears quarterback change


ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 27: Anthony Miller # 17 celebrates his touchdown with Nick Foles # 9 of the Chicago Bears in the fourth quarter of an NFL game against the Atlanta Falcons at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on September 27, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Todd Kirkland / Getty Images)

ATLANTA – There may very well be nothing that arouses the emotion of a fanbase like changing the player who manages the attack in the National Football League.

When a starting quarterback is drafted, signed as a free agent, wins a competition, or takes the position, it really gets people going. This is not a surprise, considering that this position is the most important in all team sports.

Certainly Bears fans are aware of the incredible mood swings that occur whenever the topic of the quarterback is brought up. Frankly, it’s been a problem for the franchise for the past three decades, with team woes often starting with the QB person.

It was no different in 2020, where the debate over who should be the quarterback has been the talking point since last March. Mitchell Trubisky won the quarterback competition against Nick Foles, which drew a lot of reaction from fans when it happened a week before the season opener.

Of course, the moment on Sunday at 9:50 am from the end of the third quarter aroused all those emotions again.

Following an interception early in the third quarter Matt Nagy moved Trubisky to the bench for the first time in his Bears career in favor of Foles. The move sparked waves across the NFL and generated many reactions from fans on social media.

Meanwhile on the pitch it is a time of opportunity for one and frustration for the other, all happening as the team is trying to erase a 16-point deficit.

It happened out of nowhere, he just said ‘Nick [Foles] it’s just up, “Trubisky said the moment he was told he was out.” I accepted the news. I got Nick back like he had mine. The situation sucked but it was just the flow of the game, how it was happening “.

The downside opportunity has come to Foles, who has experienced this a number of times in his career, even his only season in Jacksonville. Unlike that situation with Gardner Minshew, this time Foles was the positive benefactor.

“There are certainly a lot of emotions and this is the hardest part of the game. And the most important thing, and I said it from the beginning, is how I approach the game. The QB room, the basis of it should be the friendship. Getting to know each other, being brothers. This has remained true to this day. It was great. I’ve been where he was and it’s not easy. But he was supporting me 100%. I know the emotions are real, I’ve been there recently .

“But I’m grateful that during the retreat, during the start of the season, we continued to build that relationship where when something like this happens … it really sucks. Yes.”

It is not much easier for Matt Nagy, who moved not only on Sunday but also permanently to Foles.

“It’s never fun. You know, you guys understand these relationships that we build with these guys, with these players, they are strong relationships and it’s not easy, but there are personal relationships and past relationships, and that’s just
where we were at that time, “Nagy said of her thoughts on the decision.

Then came the thrill of the real result: three touchdown passes in the last seven minutes to help the Bears clear a 16-point gap in a 30-26 win over the Falcons. It immediately makes it dear to a fan base who had been outwardly frustrated with the Trubiskies for the past year and a half, so seeing such a game brought joy to many.

Rest assured, this probably won’t be the last time a Bears quarterback gets excited in 2020, but at least this one has a positive ending in what has been a positive start to the season.

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