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The mutation can increase Coronavirus infectivity


As scientists and researchers work to provide everyone with information about the new coronavirus as quickly as possible, they need to be sure that the data is useful and accurate. This daunting task was complicated by the bewildering and alarming mutation of the virus, the Washington Post relationships. It’s a change that doesn’t seem to make the disease more dangerous, but researchers say it could make the virus more contagious. Several studies that have not been peer-reviewed suggest that, and another indicates that patients with the mutated version have multiple viruses in their systems, which would make them more at risk of passing them on to other people. But there are still no certainties. The mutation occurred in patients around the world.

Researchers in Florida found that the mutation increased the number of peak virus proteins by five times New York Times. This change would make viruses with the D61

4G mutation much more likely to infect cells. “There are very clear differences between the two viruses in the experiment,” said one researcher. A specialist in Australia called the work “the best evidence yet that the D614G mutation increases infectivity” of the new coronavirus. Other scientists aren’t sure, saying more research is needed. One in California hasn’t seen the changed version dominate. “If one really was able to spread significantly better than the other, then we would expect to see a difference here,” he said, “and we don’t.” (Read other coronavirus stories.)

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