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The New York Times calls it with Apple News

The New York Times (NYSE: NYT) announced today that it is ending its partnership with Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) News and will no longer supply articles to the company. Effective Monday, stories from Times will no longer appear in the curated feed of the Apple News app, making it the highest profile publishing partner to abandon Apple.

The Times has recently focused on adding new subscribers to its rolls and believes that the current partnership with Apple does not offer the company a way to connect directly with readers or foster relationships that could eventually lead to future subscribers. By focusing his efforts on guiding the public directly to his website and mobile app, the Times he hopes this will lead to the payment of customers who will help “finance quality journalism”


The Apple News app on Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Image source: Apple.

In the first quarter, the Times added 587,000 new net digital subscribers, a quarterly record, bringing its total digital subscriber base to over 5 million. Both digitally and in print, it has risen to over 6 million.

“Apple News does not align with our strategy to finance quality journalism by building direct relationships with paying readers,” Times said the spokesman. “We believe that quality publishers should be adequately compensated for the expensive proposal to create and provide valuable independent journalism platforms.”

Apple News has around 125 million monthly readers. It takes a 30% cut for all subscriptions that originated in its app, heavily cutting the publisher’s result.

In a statement, Apple replied that The New York Times “it only offered a few stories a day to Apple News,” so the move wouldn’t have meant an obvious change for Apple News readers.

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