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The packers announce an indefinite suspension to host fans for home games

Due to the worrying increase in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in the Green Bay area and across Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers announced today that the organization has indefinitely suspended hosting fans for matches at the Lambeau Field this season.

In order to accommodate fans, the area will need to see a marked improvement in the hospitalization rate as well as the community infection rate and positivity rate.

“We are very concerned about the rate of infection in our area,” said Mark Murphy, President / CEO of Packers. “We are going in the wrong direction in terms of hospitalization and positive cases, and based on recommendations from public health and public health officials, hosting fans at the stadium for matches is not advisable at this time.

“We would all like to return to playing games safely at Lambeau Field. We know that enjoying gameday is an integral part of our community and we recognize how important it is to our area. However, the health and safety of our players, staff and communities are our priority. We must all take the pandemic seriously and do our part to reduce the spread of the virus, which should lead to a significant improvement in infection and hospitalization rates. At that point we will be able to prove games in person.

“We urge everyone to wear masks, distance themselves socially and practice proper hand hygiene. When watching our games, please limit the people you cheer with to your small circle of family or close friends.”


The Packers will continue to evaluate a number of factors in consultation with local medical and public health officials for the possibility of hosting fans later in the season. If the team is able to host the fans, season ticket holders who have opted for the option to purchase tickets will receive instructions on the ticket purchase procedure at a later time.

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