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The relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William has “irremediably changed” and may even be “further sour”

The alleged breakup between Prince Harry and Prince William began when Harry began dating Meghan, Duchess of Sussex in 2016. This is what Amid Scobie and Carolyn Durand wrote in their new royal bio. Finding freedom. Now, a royal correspondent says his brother’s relationship has “changed irreparably” and may “get even worse”.

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There are clear “fractures” in the relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William

According to Fox News, True Royalty TV has released a documentary titled The real rhythm: finding freedom. The accompanying piece analyzes Scobie and Durand’s bombshell book, with Kate Thornton hosting.

Thornton says the writers of Finding freedom they were determined to investigate Harry and William’s quarrel.

“I’m sure it’s a temporary loss. And that’s touched on our TV special. These guys will mend. They’ll heal,” Thornton said. “But right now there are pretty clear divisions within their relationship. They don’t even live on the same continent. And that will hurt because they … they were shoulder to shoulder, brother to brother. “

Thornton made it clear that this doesn’t mean the brothers can’t heal their fracture. He noticed that William and Harry are a family. It is extraordinary for the fans to think that no one at the House of Windsor would ever have a fight. Or, that nothing would ever go wrong and that family members would not clash.

The royal brothers haven’t spoken for two months, says the biographer

Page Six reports that Prince William and Prince Harry cut all communication between them for two months in the wake of Megxit. Scobie explained that Harry and Meghan’s decision to go public with their plans instead of discussing them with the family increased the distance between the brothers.

Scobie says the brothers still barely speak and it will take some time to heal. He says that since Harry and Meghan’s statements to the media were not discussed among the royal family, it “caused the greatest amount of pain to William.”

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The biographer explained that William is not only Harry’s older brother, but he is also the future king of the United Kingdom. William apparently thought Harry had damaged the family’s reputation by making the family business public.

Scobie says the pain continues today. And the family didn’t make much effort to get Harry and Meghan to stay.

Prince Harry’s relationship with his brother has changed forever

According to BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond, Prince Harry’s comments in a 2019 documentary may have “irreparably changed” his relationship with Prince William. Express reports that when Harry said he and William were on “different paths” in the ITV document shot during Harry and Meghan’s trip to South Africa, the problems between the brothers escalated.

“The relationship between William and Harry has irreparably changed. And the odds are, given the split of families and the charitable foundation, the establishment of a separate journal and communications staff, relationships will further sour, ”writes Dymond.

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He explained that Harry can’t get over his hatred of everyone and everything involved in his mother’s death. This includes the British media and The Firm. Now that Prince William and Prince Harry have different staffs and goals, they rub against each other instead of working together.

The Real Beat: Finding Freedom is currently available to stream on True Royalty TV.

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