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The Steelers-Titans will likely be moved to week 7 – here’s how that affects the rest of the NFL schedule

Rescheduling a game in the NFL is never easy, but it seems the league has already worked out a plan for the postponement between the Steelers and Titans that was originally supposed to be played on Sunday in Nashville.

According to ESPN.com, the most likely scenario because the game is being moved to week 7, which means that instead of playing against each other on October 4th, the Steelers and Titans will now play each other on October 25th in Tennessee.

To make this plan work, the NFL would have to rearrange a few things on the 2020 schedule. With the Titans and the Steelers, both teams would then have a goodbye week 4. The Titans were previously scheduled to have a goodbye in week seven, but now that is the week they would face the Steelers if the NFL were to carry out the plan.

Not only would the Titans and Steelers change their farewell weeks, but the NFL is also dragging Baltimore into all of this as the Ravens̵

7; schedule would have to undergo a slight change to make this all work too. The Steelers were originally supposed to travel to Baltimore in week seven, but that game was supposed to be moved. Since both the Ravens and the Steelers say goodbye in week 8, those two teams will play in week 8 and the Ravens bye will be moved to week 7.

The most likely scenario of the NFL is the same one proposed by CBSSports.com editor R.J. White, which means the league is following his Twitter feed.

The new program would mean the Steelers would do it play four consecutive home games for the first time since 1970. For the Titans, not much would have changed for them. They weren’t scheduled to leave Nashville during the entire month of October and that wouldn’t change with this proposed change.

For the Ravens, the schedule change means they should play the Steelers twice during the month of November. Also, it means the Ravens wouldn’t say goodbye before starting what should be the hardest part of their schedule. Following their week seven farewell proposal, the Ravens were to play Steelers, Colts (away), Patriots (away), Titans and Steelers (away) in consecutive weeks.

The NFL had to postpone the Steelers-Titans game due to a COVID-19 outbreak that hit the Titans hard. Tennessee has had a total of 11 members of their organization, including five players, who have tested positive for the virus since the outbreak began.

Due to the outbreak, the Titans will not be able to return to their training facility until Saturday at the earliest; for this, coupled with the fact that there were even more positive tests on Thursday, the NFL felt it made more sense to postpone the game.

Here’s a final look at the proposed changes, broken down by team:


OLD: Week 4 against the Steelers, week 7 bye
NEW: Week 4 hello, week 7 against the Steelers


OLD: Week 4 in Titans, Week 7 in Ravens, Week 8 bye
NEW: Week 4 hello, week 7 on Titans, week 8 on Ravens


OLD: Week 7 against the Steelers, week 8 bye
NEW: Week 7 hello, week 8 against the Steelers.

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