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They made a top-secret film exposing Trump’s COVID coverage. Then he got COVID.

T.fully under control, the new documentary directed by Alex Gibney (Going clear), Ophelia Harutyunyan and Suzanne Hillinger, and written by Gibney, trace our last eight months of pandemic hell. What the film confirms, through careful examination of the facts and interviews with public health experts and public officials, is that Donald Trump and his administration have strategically endangered most Americans and US residents by downplaying the threat. and at the same time actively discouraging protective measures such as the mask. to wear. And not just that, but Trump and co. it created the conditions for bankruptcy by rejecting the government ̵

1; including a pandemic plan and the resources provided by the outgoing Obama administration – in favor of trade deals created for personal gain rather than public benefit.

When Kayleigh McEnany held two large binders of pandemic plans apparently shaped by the Trump administration, comparing them to what she saw as a thin package provided by the Obama administration, she encapsulated the defining theater of Trumpism and the Republican Party in general. Pump and circumstances prevail over common sense and care; it is more important to get your supporters to believe that you have solved it than to actually have control over anything.

Now that Trump, McEnany, immigrant kidnapper Stephen Miller, and several other Trump associates have contracted COVID-19 (just days after Hillinger, Harutyunyan and Gibney finished their film), the chaos has finally returned. However, as Gibney pointed out, these officials all have access to the best health care this country has to offer; the rest of us who get sick will end up on the phone with insurance companies struggling to adjust their bills at best, or languish without medical care, at worst. Meanwhile, Trump will continue his photo shoots, filming the spectacle of his own illness for whatever political gain he can reap and, once again, for the benefit of no one else, not even those who continue to support him with savage fervor.

The Daily Beast spoke to the directors about the difference between negligence and willful destruction, whether Woodward should have dropped those tapes when he recorded them, the status of complaints in the United States and Totally under control, which will be released on demand on October 13 and on Hulu on October 20.

The film focuses on this idea of ​​neglect, but also touches on several instances where Trump and his administration gain financially from his negligent approach to the pandemic. Was it something you were thinking about – that maybe this is beyond clumsiness or neglect?

Alex Gibney: I think you are describing our process. The question at the beginning was: was it a fumble? Was it just an administration caught unprepared and unaware? Was it the thinning of the federal government that Trump got involved in? But what we’ve discovered over time, particularly with things like the Obama administration’s delivery of the playbook; the cruise; and the contagion exercise, which was published a few months before the actual pandemic and contains all the information needed to manage it; then the way the whole test episode was so poorly handled, coupled with the revelation we got from Woodward, feels much more intentional. [Obama HHS secretary] Kathleen Sebelius also says, “It first occurred to me that we were intentionally testing slow walking.” And, you know, sometimes Trump isn’t mysterious about these things. He says, “Slow down the tests, please” and “I want the numbers to go up, keep the cruise ship out.” It really is a terrifying idea. Imagine if an oncologist operated that way, where you see a polyp and then decide, well, let’s wait and see if it goes away.

Ophelia Harutyunyan: And in the case of the Airbridge program, it raised a lot of questions. There are senators – Senator Warren and others – who have opened an investigation and are looking into the matter as we speak. They are demanding registrations from these companies to see how much they profited from being the companies arbitrarily chosen by the government and that the Trump administration is working with to fundamentally subsidize the shipping costs to carry PPE. So there are obviously still questions out there, whether or not there was some kind of intentional profit from the government. Hopefully these are questions that will be answered soon.

Speaking to Bob Woodward’s revelation that Trump knew from the start that COVID-19 was serious and would spread, what are your thoughts on saving that information for his book, which came out very late in the game?

Gibney: I don’t think it was appropriate. I’ve seen it say that people who believe in Trump would have ignored any criticism of him anyway, so what’s the point, but I just don’t see it that way. It seemed to me that in the midst of a pandemic – it was very early, February 7 – when everyone was trying to address what this virus represented and what its threat was, to reveal that the president knew how deadly an important would be. public service.

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