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Titanfall 3 is reportedly on the way, despite Respawn’s focus on Apex Legends

Titanfall 3, the long-awaited third installment of Respawn Entertainment’s explosive Titan-based FPS franchise, is very “real” and reportedly already in early development, according to internal sources from a well-known Apex Legends leaker.

Respawn has long denied the existence of Titanfall 3, which originally became Apex Legends during the height of the Fortnite-led battle royale mania.

A Titanfall sequel has never been officially off the table, however, with franchise publisher EA even admitting one could come. “along the road”

; if the opportunity ever presented itself.

Apparently, that moment may be sooner than we think. New insider rumors suggest that a possible version of Titanfall 3 is decidedly “real”, with the title of the planned trilogy currently already in development behind the scenes in the Respawn studios.

Titanfall fans may finally return to the frontier if new reports are to be believed.
Respawn Entertainment

Titanfall fans may finally return to the frontier if the new rumors are to be believed.

The new rumors about Titanfall 3 come from the content creator of Apex Legends TheNeon_Beast, which proved to be a solid source of inside information during the sixth season of battle royale.

“Titanfall 3 is real,” the Brazilian insider said on Sept. 27. “I’m pretty sure leakers can say the same thing, because we have completely different sources. The good thing is that even with different sources, the voice is exactly the same.”

The streamer added that he “doesn’t believe in coincidences”. Dexerto contacted Winchester for further details, but did not respond before the deadline for publication.

If these new rumors about Titanfall 3 prove to be true, Respawn must have given the green light to the highly anticipated sequel in recent months. In May, Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella admitted that “there was nothing in development.”

At the same time, the former Modern Warfare guru admitted that he is very interested in seeing “some sort of resurrection there”. Zampella also promised that he would “see if.” [he] could make something happen. “Maybe he really did?

Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella admitted he wanted it
Screenshot via EA Play

Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella has admitted he wants to “resurrect” the Titanfall series.

Titanfall 3 may reportedly be “real,” but that doesn’t mean it’s coming soon. Apex Legends is still the main focus of Respawn, and with the current work-from-home situation slowing them down, the production of Titanfall 3 wouldn’t have fared much better.

For now, keep your eyes open; Respawn is sure to start teasing the trilogy’s planned release soon, if you’re actually working behind the scenes.

There are many things happening in Apex Legends for you too: Season 7 is on the horizon, and Pathfinder is finally ready to be upgraded again. Battle royale will soon receive its huge crossplay update as well; it’s all happening in Apex Legends!

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