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Tom Brady loses track of the bass when Buccaneers runs short of the final against Bears

On the other side of the ball, Nick Foles – Brady’s Super Bowl LII nemesis – was 30 by 42 by 243 yards with a touchdown and interception for the Bears.

The Bucs went out the gate, taking the lead 13-0 with two minutes left in the first half. Brady found Mike Evans on his first touchdown pass of the night, and Tampa Bay got a couple of field goals from Ryan Succop to propel the double-digit lead. But two quick touchdowns from Chicago towards the end of the half gave the Bears a 1

4-13 lead that approached half-time.

This set the stage for a second half back and forth as the teams traded ahead throughout the third and fourth quarters. It looked like Tampa was poised for success when Brady found old friend Gronkowski with a 16-yard pass, a connection that set the stage for a 25-yard Succop field goal to give the Bucs a 19-17 lead with 4:49 starting.

But a final Foles drive ended with a 38-yard field goal from Chicago’s Cairo Santos with 1:13 remaining to finish the score, and a last-minute drive from Brady failed due to consecutive incompleteness.

Take a look at how things went:

23:32: This will do. The game of the fourth pass down is canceled and the bears take over. Did Brady lose track of how many downs there were? It seemed – it will be interesting to see if he talks about it later.

113:26: A 38-yard field goal from Cairo Santos leads to 20-19 at 1:13 from the regulation deadline. Let’s see what Brady can do here.


23:04: Boy, he looked familiar, didn’t he? A frustrated Brady goes to the boy he knows best – Gronkowski – for a 16-yard reception that brings the Bucs into field goal range. Succop delivers and missing 19-17 with 4:49. See a different Brady than the first four games; when he’s thrown around a bit and / or when his team makes sloppy mistakes, he starts playing with the boys. We haven’t seen him from him in the first four games of the season. We’re seeing a lot (relatively) of it here in the second half. Anyway, it’s 19-17, Tampa Bay, with 4:49 left in the regulation. Brady is 23 for 34 for 237 yards with a touchdown.

22:51: A 47-yard field goal from Cairo Santos puts the Bears ahead 17-16 with 10:34 left.

22:35: The flags really started flying. On the most recent Tampa Bay drive – which started quite optimistically – a 16-yard pass for Gronkowski (on a ball destined for Mike Evans – think Manny Ramirez serving as cutoff for Johnny Damon) was denied due to an OPI call . Khalil Mack was hit with a personal foul call on a play that wiped out a lot of Brady. There was another personal foul on Tampa offensive lineman Ryan Jensen, and soon after, there was a hold on the Bucs that paved the way for a Tampa punt. No big surprise: The Bucs were the third most penalized team in the league tonight, while the Bears were fifth. But the series ended with Brady raging with his teammates on the sidelines.

22:19: Succop offers a 39-yard field goal with 9:04 to go into third to give the Bucs the lead again. It wasn’t a big boost for Brady and the Tampa Bay attack there – at first glance, it looks like the Bears figured out a few things – but good enough to put three points on the scoreboard. It’s 16v25 for 150 yards, with a touchdown and a sack. It’s 4-2pm, Tampa Bay.

10:10 pm: Side note: If I’m Matt Nagy, I try to get the ball to Cordarrelle Patterson at least once per possession. Just a dynamic offensive option. I really liked the boy in his short time in New England – he can do a lot for a team.

21:56: Nick Foles and the Bears are 14-13 ahead of Brady and the Bucs in the semester in Chicago. Here are some quick tips:

• Brady: 14 of 23, 130 yards, 1 TD

• Gronkowski: 1 hold on 5 targets for 13 yards

• Nick Foles: 15 for 21, 151 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

• For the most part, Brady’s pitches were on target, particularly early on. With the exception of an offer for Tanner Hudson in the end zone that would have resulted in a touchdown that was overturned, he was pretty strong. (He also toppled Mike Evans on a pass to the end zone midway through the second quarter.) He was also helped by some negative penalties from the Chicago defense, but overall, he was a (mostly) clean half for the quarterback. .

• The other thing was that it helped Tampa gain a head start? Playing excellent complementary football – apart from the last two minutes of the first half, the Bears were unable to achieve any kind of attacking pace. Tampa Bay took advantage to build a 13-0 lead with two minutes left in the half. The Bears refined and had a couple of quick touchdowns in two minutes, but Brady and Tampa did well to take advantage of the early stage opportunities.

• Gronkowski … well, I’m not sure what to think. I have no idea if it’s because he’s been out all last year or if it’s just age and his body is starting to wear down, but he doesn’t have the same oomph. There was a nice 13-yard retreat on the Tampa Bay opening drive that helped lead to a basket. But other than that, it was pretty much a non-factor. The best example of him looking different? Brady targeted him on a second quarter drive and made a low pass in his direction, one that would have been to nimbly take him out of the corner in the past. This time, he couldn’t raise it. Sic transit glory.

• Chicago will have the ball to start the second half.

21:49: Nick Foles truly redefines the term series quarterback. The Bucs were 13-0 up with a two-minute warning. It’s now 2 pm-1pm, Chicago. Foles has just put together a couple of quick shots from the net – partly taking advantage of a Kyle Fuller take away in the second – and is 14-13 with less than a minute left in the first half. It’s 14-13, Chicago with 36 seconds in the first half.

21:40: The Bears answered for 13-7. Foles has their best and most consistent night guide to Chicago. It’s 12 of 17 for 124 yards and an interception.

21:25: A 35 yard by Ryan Succop makes 13-0 with 7:03 left in the time. The push started off quite optimistically, but that Chicago defense was able to tense up as the action got closer to their end zone. (Aided by a Mike Evans overhead from Brady that would likely have resulted in a touchdown.) Overall, Brady is 12 for 18 for 121 yards and a touchdown.

21:14: Nice combination. Is Evans Officially Brady’s Boyfriend?

21:01: The Bears had the No. 1 of the championship red zone that came into play, but Brady and Bucs were able to punch the third drive of the night up close. A few good shots of Brady – I remember a few years ago when people questioned Brady’s arm strength – but he really showed it on the landing pass to Mike Evans, flashing a laser at the receiver on a nice tilted model to make is 10-0 with 56 seconds left in the first quarter. Just for a bit of context here, we’ve mentioned red zone D, but in reality, the Bears have an impressive all-around group on that side of the ball – they’re the top 10 in total allowed yards – which causes Brady start all the most impressive. Right now, it’s 7 for 11 for 89 yards and a TD.

20:35: Brady finished an 11-play 54-yard drive that ended with a 39-yard field goal from Ryan Succop to make it 3-0 in Tampa with 9:48 left in the first quarter. Among the highlights at the start was a 13-yard connection with Rob Gronkowski. Overall, Brady is 3 for 6 for 41 yards after the first drive. Good streak against a talented Chicago defense, albeit with a missed connection with Tanner Hudson that could have resulted in a touchdown.

20:15: Brady spoke to Erin Andrews as part of the pre-match show and touched on a couple of New England-related topics.

Brady on the cold: “I think it’s something I will definitely never miss. I don’t know if I’ll ever see cold outside of ski season. Now that I’m here in the warm season, you forget how beautiful it is. And I grew up in California … being a Floridian for as long as I can imagine. “

On his decision to leave New England: “I’ve had a great career there – 20 fantastic years. It was just the moment. I left everything I could win on the pitch there for 20 years. I gave my heart, my soul … everything. My journey into the world of football has taken me somewhere else, like many other footballers throughout their careers. “

8:00 pm.:

19:55: Personal Note: It was great to have the chance to visit Soldier Field in 2018 for Bears-Patriots. I grew up as a fan of Bears and having the chance to see him from a journalist’s point of view was really special. I know it wasn’t the same as when it had the old school facade – the new version looked like they had dropped a protective ring around the old place. But you could still see the columns and when you went under the tunnels, you got that old school vibe. There aren’t many of those places left; if you are a football fan, it is a must-see destination, provided you have the resources.

19:28: Since he’s Tom Brady versus the Bears, I think I’m legally obligated to post this. One of my favorite underrated memories of Brady from his time in New England.

19:16: Here’s a look at the inactive ones for each team. The Bucs had a handful of question marks when it came to the injury report, but aside from Chris Godwin sitting outside, it looks like Brady has a lot of familiar faces in line tonight.

19:10: Welcome to Thursday Night Football, and a Buccaneers-Bears showdown that will see Tom Brady and Tampa Bay go 4-1 against Nick Foles and Chicago. For Brady and Foles, it will be a Super Bowl LII rematch, albeit with much lower stakes and different currencies.

We’ll have overnight updates on this, so keep it here for the latest news.

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