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Trader Joe says he always keeps ethnic food names, despite the petition from


The petition of a California teenager to persuade trader Joe to change the brand on some of his international food products seemed to have hit the food chain, but after mentioning a gradual withdrawal, the management seems to be backing down on that plan . Briones Bedell noted that some of the items in question featured “racist” packaging that perpetuates harmful stereotypes, “mainly through alterations of the word”

; Joe “:” Trader Ming’s “, for example, included in the packaging of some Chinese chain foods offered, or “Trader Jose” for Mexican fare. Bedell also has a soft spot for the store’s general brand, saying his theme was based on “a racist book and a controversial theme park attraction” (Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise ride). High school petition had more than 5,300 signatures since Saturday, and Trader Joe himself issued a statement that seemed to indicate that he took Bedell’s request to heart.

Through a representative, the chain said it was “in the process of updating the older labels and replacing any changes with the Joe Trader name, and will continue to do so until we complete this important job,” according to ABC News. It no longer seems to be so. Fox News reports on a new statement on the company’s website that states that previous reports were “inaccurate” and that “we disagree that none of these labels are racist. We don’t make decisions based on petitions.” He noted that his “purchasing team” examined some older items and discontinued products that were not selling well, but that the products complained of by Bedell were popular with customers. “Products that resonate with our customers and sell well will remain on our shelves,” he added. Bedell of reply: “Surely, Trader Joe owners could afford to hire a diversity officer to assist their” purchasing team. “Or at least a new public relations team?” (Read Trader Joe’s stories.)

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