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Travis Scott releases McDonald’s-themed merchandise, including a $ 90 pillow of chicken nuggets

Rapper “Astroworld” partnered with McDonald’s this month for the $ 6 “Travis Scott meal”, which bundles Scott’s order from McDonald’s: a quarter pound with cheese, medium fries with barbecue sauce and a Sprite with ice extra.

To celebrate the success of the combination, of course, there is the goods, and a lot.

The new & quot; Travis Scott Meal & quot; McDonald's on sale next week
Head to Scott’s site and you’ll find no less than 24 McDonald’s clip art graphic t-shirts straight from the early 2000s, including a $ 1 McDonald’s apple pie honoring t-shirt: Scott “always had a thing for desserts”.

(A note for the uninitiated: you will see the words “Cactus Jack” all over the site. This is Scott’s record label name and nickname; his legal name is Jacques Webster.)

For the thinnest McFan, there’s a $ 300 dark wash denim with the Golden Arches embroidered on the left back pocket. Scott didn’t skimp on home decor either: find a $ 250 menu mat with rapper McDonald’s order, a 10-pack of Jack McDonald’s Cactus Styrofoam cups, or an incredibly lifelike chicken nugget body pillow. which will make you pay $ 90.

Don't bite this. Seriously. It's not even the chicken; just a pillow made to look like it.
Scott’s presence on social media is relatively small, but recently tweeted a photo of him serve a McDonald’s meal (in a dazzling silver mask and chain) to celebrate collaboration. In a statement via McDonald’s, Scott said he “couldn’t be more excited” to bring together “two iconic worlds”: his own and that of the Big Mac.
The partnership with Scott could give McDonald’s a much-needed boost, which has seen total sales rise 30% from a year ago, according to its second quarter earnings report released in July. McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski wrote the sad report on the pandemic.

The Travis Scott Meal promotion started on Tuesday and ends October 4th. Limited-edition merchandise – including that mysterious chicken nugget pillow – will likely sell out before then.

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