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Trump no longer poses the risk of infection, the White House doctor says

The CDC states that most patients should isolate themselves for at least 10 days after the onset of symptoms and may end isolation at or beyond that point where symptoms subside and have passed at least 24 hours without fever. But some seriously ill patients may need to isolate themselves for at least 20 days, the agency says.

Early in his illness, the president received oxygen therapy and dexamethasone, a steroid normally reserved for seriously ill Covid-19 patients with lung damage.

Conley also said that the president’s medical team could not find any evidence that the coronavirus is replicating in his body, and the amount of the virus in Trump̵

7;s body has decreased over time.

But Conley did not say if the president tested negative for the virus, which may still be present in his body. And there is no FDA cleared or approved test that can tell when a person is no longer contagious, making it difficult to gauge the reliability of the tests Conley cited in his memo.

The latest information still leaves some crucial information for judging Trump’s health, such as the condition of his lungs and whether he has any persistent damage from the virus.

Over the course of his infection, Trump received a combination of treatments that few or no other coronavirus sufferers have taken together. Although the FDA has cleared wide emergency use of a drug – the antiviral remdesivir – and dexamethasone has been on the market for decades, Trump also received an unproven antibody treatment made by Regeneron.

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