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Trump says stimulus talks, $ 1,200 checks are back in play

He said he believes Pelosi “wants it to happen, because it’s so good for our country, we really need it.”

Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin have begun negotiating an airline bailout bill, with US and American permission of more than 30,000 workers after federal wage support measures expired last week.

Pelosi has not publicly indicated that other issues besides air aid are on the table right now, after Trump pulled the plug on Tuesday during talks on a comprehensive relief bill priced between $ 1

.6 trillion and $. 2.2 trillion.

But Trump said Thursday that other issues are also under discussion, including a new round of $ 1,200 stimulus checks. The job market remains weak, with an additional 840,000 Americans filing for unemployment last week, more than six months after the coronavirus pandemic began in the United States.

“We are talking about airlines and we are talking about a bigger deal than airlines. We are talking about a deal with $ 1,200 per person, we are talking about other things,” Trump said. “But it’s nobody’s fault, they were trying to get things, and we were trying to get things and it wasn’t going anywhere, I turned it off. I don’t want to play. Then we reopened, and I see that the markets are going well, but I think we have a really good chance of doing something. “

It remains very uncertain whether any agreement can be reached, with the airlines or whatever. The talks repeated for months, but in the end Congress and the administration have not been able to reach an agreement since the spring, when they distributed about $ 3 trillion in aid.

More programs approved at that time have since expired, including better unemployment insurance for individuals. It’s unclear whether Congressional Democrats would be willing to back a deal that just helped airlines, though Pelosi polled some lawmakers at a meeting Wednesday night, with some appearing open to entertaining the idea due to seats. work at stake.

The Cares Act of March included a payroll support program for airlines that expired on October 1. The Democrats pushed a bill of about $ 25 billion to renew the program.

Trump began to back down within hours on Tuesday after his announcement that he was ending the talks and asked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) To focus instead on filling the vacancy on the Supreme Court. . A number of Republicans in tough re-election contests immediately criticized Trump’s move and urged him to re-engage.

Pelosi rejected the idea of ​​another round of stimulus controls in the absence of wider relief.

“All the president wants is his name on a check,” the speaker told reporters at the Capitol on Wednesday. “And this he doesn’t: we’re here to honor our heroes, crush the virus, put money in the pockets of the American people plus a check with his name on it.”

However Trump said he hoped the talks would bear fruit even though he commented that Pelosi “is not my favorite person, he has indicted me for no reason”.

At the same time, Trump administration officials and Republicans in Congress discussed a new legislative package that could include $ 1,200 stimulus controls, small business support, and financial aid for airlines, according to three people he was granted anonymity to discuss internal resolutions. These are the policies Trump cited as a priority in his tweets ditching broader stimulus controls earlier this week, as well as on Fox News Thursday morning.

It was unclear what would become of the new effort, as Democrats are unlikely to support legislation that excludes aid to the unemployed and state and local governments. The push could be aimed at forcing Senate Democrats to take tough votes to reject widely popular forms of financial stimulus. However, it could also be resisted by conservative Republicans who are skeptical of spending more federal funds to fight the virus.

Larry Kudlow, the president’s chief economic adviser, told Fox News Thursday that the administration needs Congress to approve additional unemployment aid and support for schools. He noted that the administration had approved unilateral actions to support unemployment benefits, but said, “It won’t last forever.”

“The president believes we should switch to standalone invoices to get the key points,” Kudlow said. “These are vital and targeted assistance areas that would strengthen the economy.”

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