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Turn your Xbox One controller into a throttle and stick setup with these 3D printed parts

Microsoft Flight Simulator has many people eager to fly in virtual skies. But for many the experience isn’t complete without a stick flight of some kind. With many of these now sold out, it can be difficult. But here’s a solution: 3D printed parts that clip onto an Xbox One controller for a DIY conversion into throttle and stick hands or HOTAS.

This great little mod is the work of Akaki Kuumeri, a 3D printing expert who maintains a YouTube channel showing some of his creations. Kuumeri made a video for this mod as well, and it’s worth watching, just for the selection of word games to moan.

If you want to make the mod yourself, Kuumeri has uploaded the plans to Thingiverse for free download. Of course, you’ll need to have access to a 3D printer, but Kuumeri estimates it won’t cost more than $ 10 and “an afternoon of your time” to print and assemble the various parts. Everything just clicks together and there’s also the option to fit the rubber bands inside the links to adjust the spring force on the stick and throttle.

A few caveats: Answering questions on Reddit, Kuumeri notes that the parts don’t work with the Xbox 360 or PS4 controller (though he says it could work on the latter if there’s enough interest). On its own, however, the whole setup works surprisingly smoothly. “I was expecting ball joints to have some slope, which [on] the scale of a stick would be too much to play accurately, but they are absolutely perfect, “he told an interlocutor.” It also helps that the Xbox sticks are on a very smooth hinge. “

So if you haven’t been able to grab a flying stick, this seems like the next best thing.

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