“Tiger King”

; star Carole Baskin revealed what her husband’s messages said after her “Lion King” themed samba in “Dancing with the Stars”.


With “Tiger King” star Carole Baskin voted “Dancing With the Stars” last week, there was a big question looming.

Would the remaining cast generate the necessary drama that the polarizing Netflix star brought to the reality contest?

The answer was a definitive yes Monday night, with a sobbing judge, revelations about Anne Heche’s 90s relationship with Ellen DeGeneres, a tearful tribute to “Disney” star Cameron Boyce and the season’s top ten perfect.

All this before a crazy live television ending, which saw host Tyra Banks reading the wrong name for “safe” dancers, requesting that a celebrity couple be brought back to the dance floor to face elimination.

“It’s just like the 2018 Oscars,” Judge Derek Hough said in shock.

Hyperbole perhaps, but it was an eventful night even by “DWTS” standards. Here’s what happened.

‘Tiger King’ star Carole Baskin: Voted “Dancing with the Stars” on Disney night

Tyra Banks looked stunning on “Dancing With the Stars,” but a knockout mistake on live TV led to a wild ending. (Photo: Eric McCandless, ABC)

Skai Jackson paid tearful homage to Cameron Boyce

Disney star Jackson wasn’t just emotional in paying homage to her late co-star “Jessie,” the 18-year-old was completely in tears during her taped interview.

“I want this dance to be dedicated to Cameron, who was a close friend of mine and co-star,” Jackson said of Boyce. died at age 20 in 2019. He was shown to keep his photo on his iPhone. “He was in my life for half of my life, which was crazy. We built this bond for years, years and years. He was kind of a big brother to me.”

Jackson’s foxtrot on John Legend’s “Ordinary People” with pro Alan Bersten made Carrie Ann Inaba cry so much that the judge initially had to speak to compose himself.

“I’m sure Cameron is watching you right now, and he’s so proud of you,” Inaba said when she could speak. “You were like an angel … it was perfection.”

Inaba backed him with the top 10 of the season, taking Jackson to the top of the standings (28/30 in total).

“You made Cameron proud,” Banks said.

Nelly got her guns out for ‘Win’

There was a lot of hype that Nelly needed a breakout dance this week. He brought muscle, in a sleeveless shirt that showed off his massive arms, and an inspired, if flawed, paso doble with pro Daniella Karagach on DJ Khalid’s “All I Do Is Win.”

Was it the success Nelly needed? The rapper seemed genuinely unsure and shrugged when asked. But the judges at least expressed it in words.

Hough called it “popping paso”. Inaba seemed to have accepted the idea of ​​breaking up. “It was just the way you attacked him,” he said, demanding more refinement. The judges gave 7 consecutive points for a total of 21/30, leaving Nelly at the bottom of the group.

Chrishell Stause talks about childhood dreams, past relationships

The “Selling Sunset” star dropped a personal bombshell to explain her prom-related problems last week. She was freezing her eggs and taking hormone injections to make sure she could have a baby in later years. Stause said in the wake of failed relationships, not to mention ex-husband Justin Hartley, this was crucial.

“There are certain hopes and dreams I have, and one of them is being a mom,” she said, a notion that was difficult because her relationships didn’t “go through.”

Stause, in a gorgeous blue dress, then nailed a foxtrot to Harry Styles’ “Adore You” which ended with the heel on the chest of pro Gleb Savchenko kneeling. Images executed imperfectly, but effective.

Judge Bruno Tonioli said the foxtrot was “almost too hot to trot”, giving it a score of 7, and Inaba talked about its “potential” with another 7 (22/30 in total).

Banks is thrilled with the emotional reveal. “For you you prove it, and you dance every week with those hormones. It’s no joke,” Banks said.

Monica Aldama earned the delusions of the judges, she was almost eliminated

“Cheer” coach Aldama began with a nationwide television therapy session with professional partner Val Chmerkovskiy as they analyzed his sometimes harsh criticisms. Something must have snapped, because the two played their samba at Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA”, with Aldama’s hair in a mess after all that movement.

“He approached you guys, it seemed like you were having fun and that you were in total control,” Inaba said, as the judges gave Aldama his highest scores of the season with 8 in a row (24/30 in total).

However, it wasn’t enough to keep Aldama out of danger of elimination.

Anne Heche talked about her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres

Heche used her near-elimination last week (she was spared because the judges voted for Baskin’s participation) to talk about the hardships she has overcome in the past, like going public about her relationship with DeGeneres more than two decades ago.

Heche said her insistence on bringing DeGeneres to the 1997 premiere of her movie “Volcano” led to a serious career drop.

“I was in a relationship with Ellen DeGeneres for three and a half years and the stigma attached to that relationship was so severe that I was fired from my multimillion-dollar film contract and didn’t work in a photography studio for 10 years,” Heche said, before. to swear to overtake on the dance floor.

For her passionate paso doble with pro Keo Motsepe, she wore a fluid rainbow dress for Katy Perry’s “Rise”.

Tonioli called Heche a “multicolored warrior” for his clothing and position. Inaba said: “You don’t give up and we don’t stop cheering for you.”

7 consecutive judges’ scores led to Heche’s highest score of the season (21/30 in total). But the actress was still at the bottom of the chart.

Nev Schulman masked to show his chest (less hairy)

The “Catfish” star continued to wow with beautiful dance lines in her rumba with pro Jenna Johnson on Celine Dion’s “Why You Love Me”. He didn’t care to hear Celine passionately. It showed on her face during the emotional dance.

But most impressive was showing off his less hairy chest with a dangerously unbuttoned shirt. Tonioli also commented on the clear “scaping” that Schulman has suffered, compared to the past weeks.

“I actually settled for you, Bruno,” Schulman said, addressing the judges. “This is the first time I’ve seen my nipples in 15 years.”

The judges did not penalize the TMI and obtained 8 consecutive scores for a total of 24/30.

Justina Machado’s hips weren’t lying in her sauce

Machado had a week off last week, but the “One Day at a Time” actress showed off her powerful smile and impressive hip moves by dancing her salsa to Wisin’s “Que Viva La Vida” with professional partner Sasha Farber.

In the criticism of the night, Tonioli exclaimed that Machado was “on fire”.

“Those hips don’t lie,” the judge yelled. “They shout,” Look at me, I’m fabulous. “” No arguments here. The judges gave 8 in a row forming a group at the top of the standings (24/30 in total).

Kaitlyn Bristowe danced for her “Bachelor Nation” love

“Bachelorette” star Bristowe brought his “Bachelor Nation” love Jason Tartick into the “DWTS” mix. The two talked to each other in the Predance video and she dedicated her Viennese waltz to Luke Combs’ “Beautiful Crazy” to her one-year-old man.

Bristowe, who had returned in heels after an ankle injury in the past few weeks, was a vision in silver, circling in the fog of the dance floor. The judges loved it. Tonioli compared it to “a feather caught in a breeze, and you can never quite catch it”. Inaba called it “something special” giving Bristowe his first 9 of the season (25/30 in total).

Her only mistake was more TMI: talking about her boyfriend. “I think about him going to the bathroom sometimes. Is that weird?” he told Banks. Yes. But the dance was excellent.

Johnny Weir became “Crocodile Rock” in green

The Olympic figure skater wore curls in her hair and a wild, sparkly green dress to dance a lively jive at Elton John’s “Crocodile Rock” with pro Britt Stewart. The world-class athlete was out of breath but smiled after performing the complicated footwork.

“You were radiant,” Inaba said, awarding the first of three 8 scores. “Everything was great.” (24/30 total).

A.J. McLean asked the Backstreet Boys for help

“DWTS” concluded the evening with a virtual meeting. McLean danced his cha cha to boy band hit “Larger Than Life” with pro Cheryl Burke, along with the vision of the dancing boys projected behind him on stage (larger than life, it should be noted). At one point, Burke was out of frame, as McLean walked alone on the podium with his beloved virtual bandmates. Ballroom purist judge Len Goodman would have been flabbergasted.

“Backstreet is back, alright,” said Hough, who praised the show but criticized the footwork. The judges continued to distribute 8 consecutive scores (24/30 in total).

Then the drama really started …

Banks began announcing couples who were spared from elimination by a combination of spectator votes and judges’ scores. But he accidentally fired Aldama, saying he was safe. Banks had to deal dramatically with a live television blunder and bring Aldama back – he was in the last two with Heche.

“Please get Monica back. There was a mistake in the control room. This is the madness of live TV,” Banks said. “I’m so sorry. This is live TV.”

“I was reading my cards, but my cards were wrong,” he said.

Aldama, who had just left the scene, has been brought back to center stage and faces elimination with Heche. But the judges, who have the final vote, did not spare Heche in the second week at the bottom of the actress.

Inaba voted to save Aldama. While Banks urged Hough to decide before the show ended, Hough also voted to save Aldama.

Heche was flunked, and in the final indignity of live TV, he didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to the cast before the credits rolled.

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