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Uber wins legal battle to regain London license

A man holding a smartphone with the Uber transportation app visible on the screen, as taxis queue in the background, June 4, 2019 (photo by Olly Curtis / Future via Getty Images)

Olly Curtis | Future | Getty Images

On Monday, Uber won its legal battle to continue operating in London, as a judge overturned a ban on the ride-hailing app by the city̵

7;s transport regulator.

Last year, TfL stripped Uber of its license for the second time – it refused for the first time to renew Uber’s London license in 2017 – citing a “breakdown model” that put passengers at risk.

The watchdog said a glitch in Uber’s systems allowed unauthorized drivers to upload their photos to other drivers’ accounts and fraudulently collect passengers on at least 14,000 trips.

Judge Tan Ikram communicated his decision to Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Monday, saying he had “sufficient confidence” in Uber “no longer poses a public safety risk.”

“Despite their historic failures, I find (Uber), now, a suitable and suitable person to own a London PHV (private hire vehicle) operator license,” Ikram said in his opinion.

Uber shares were up 6% in pre-market trading following the ruling.

Uber had sought to allay the regulator’s passenger safety concerns by introducing a new system in April to verify the identity of drivers through a mix of facial recognition and human auditors. Despite losing its license, the company was still able to operate in London as it appealed the ban.

London is by far the largest Uber market in Europe. The company has amassed around 3.5 million users and 45,000 drivers in the UK capital since its launch in 2012.

He is the best player in the city, but faces stiff competition from several new entrants including India Ola and Estonia Bolt.

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