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US temperature drop forecast for this week

The West will see warmer-than-average temperatures throughout the week with nearly 30 possible record highs. In the East, the arrival of autumn air will mean a drop in temperature for many large cities.

The jet stream, a fast-moving highway of air that acts as a barrier between hot and cold temperatures, will take on a more extreme form this week that will allow heat to stay in the west and cooler air intrusions in the east.

From the Midwest to the Northeast and all the way to the Gulf Coast, a dip in the jet stream is expected to send temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below average. In Chicago, Monday’s high of 78 will be in stark contrast to the end of the week, when highs are expected to only hit 55 degrees.

Even in Florida, temperatures and humidity levels will drop. The Tampa metropolitan area is expected to drop from around 90 early in the week through the upper 70s by Wednesday and Thursday.

Cooling in the east will follow possible rain, showers and some thunderstorms. Heavy rains locally could lead to flooding in flooded Mid-Atlantic states Tuesday through Wednesday.

Meanwhile, in the west, the heat will increase. Nearly 30 record highs could be matched or broken this week, according to Weathermodels.com. The persistent heat with high temperatures from 1

0 to 15 degrees above average will last all week.

Medford, Oregon could break his record highs on Monday and Tuesday as he flirts with the sign of the century. The high temperatures will be coupled with dry air, no rain and offshore wind gusts, which will create critical fire conditions.

This pattern of warmer in the west and cooler weather in the east is expected to last through the first weekend of October and into the following week.

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