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USPS worker in NJ arrested for allegedly dumping mail, including electoral votes – NBC New York

A U.S. Postal Service courier in Hudson County, New Jersey was arrested for discarding mail, including 99 general ballot papers sent by the county electoral council to be delivered to West Orange residents, the attorney of the United States announced. United States Craig Carpenito.

Nicholas Beauchene, 26, of Kearny, is charged with reporting with a tally of delay, secretion or detention of mail and a tally of obstruction of mail.

Delay in posting is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $ 250,000 fine. Obstruction of debit by post is punishable by up to six months in prison and a $ 5,000 fine.

Information about the defendant’s attorney was not immediately known.

Beauchene is expected to appear in Newark federal court Wednesday afternoon.

According to court documents, approximately 1

,875 mail messages – including 627 pieces of first class, 873 pieces of standard class, two pieces of certified mail, 99 general ballot papers intended for West Orange residents, and 276 campaign flyers from local candidates for the West Orange Town Council and Board of Education – were recovered from the dumpsters in North Arlington and West Orange on October 2 and October 5.

The intended destination for ballot papers and campaign flyers are highly democratic areas.

The mail was scheduled to be delivered on September 28, October 1, and October 2 to addresses on some postal routes in Orange and West Orange. On the delivery dates for which the mail was recovered, Beauchene was the only courier assigned to deliver the mail to addresses on the recovered mail, according to court documents.

The recovered mail was put back into the mail stream for delivery to intended recipients, according to the DA’s office.

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