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Wait, does Lindsey Graham want someone to file the tax return?

Over the weekend, Graham tweeted this: “It’s been 72 hours since I issued 11 years of state and federal tax returns and challenged @HarrisonJaime to do the same. Crickets. What is he hiding?”
And then on Monday, at a press conference in a gun shop, Graham said this about Harrison: “I have issued 11 years of tax returns. Where are your tax returns? How did you make your money?”

Harrison has yet to formally respond or release his returns.

If this all sounds a little familiar, well, that̵

7;s because it is.

President Donald Trump has steadfastly refused to make any tax returns, becoming the first president of the modern era to do so. Trump has offered all sorts of excuses to keep his taxes private – from the fact that he’s under control (five years and up!) To the idea that tax returns don’t actually tell you much about someone’s financial situation.

Graham, despite being one of Trump’s staunchest critics during the run-up to the 2016 Republican primary, has turned into one of the president’s staunchest allies now.

And as you may have guessed, he didn’t exactly beat the drum for his friend to issue some tax returns, beyond a general call. “I think you should release your tax returns if you run for president in 2020,” Graham said in 2019. “I think everyone should. That’s just my point. It would be good for the country.”
But since then, well, not much, even though Trump has fought all the way to the Supreme Court to keep his taxes on Congress and the Manhattan District Attorney.

If what’s good for the goose is good for the duck, then Graham may be wondering not only what Harrison is hiding by not releasing his returns, but also what Trump is hiding. Right? QUITE RIGHT?!!

The point: The irony, at least in politics, has been in critical condition for some time. Graham, in an effort to make the lack of transparency on tax returns a problem in his race for re-election, may have eliminated it entirely.

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