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Warframe’s new Heart of Deimos update: release date, new planet, more

Warframe is getting a new update that takes players to a rot and murder haunted planet. There is also a giant mouth on your ship that has multiple animations to munch and creak precious materials and even whole Warframes loudly.

Saturday’s TennoCon presentation unveiled the next big update at Warframe, which will debut on all platforms simultaneously on Tuesday 25 August. Here is everything you need to know about Heart of Deimos, which will be free for all players.

A new area of ​​the open world

Heart of Deimos unlocks the second moon of Mars, Deimos, which is home to a ton of hidden technology and was once a site for research on the Void ̵

1; WarframeThey take on the unspeakable cosmic powers. Unfortunately, Deimos has almost been consumed by the Infestation and the player must make sure that the Heart of Deimos does not stop beating.

Deimos is an open world area, similar to Orb Vallis and the plains of Eidolon. However, Deimos is smaller and much denser. The above-ground part will have canyons and peaks to go, with giant dragonfly-like beasts that can function as temporary mounts. There are also procedurally generated caves that are closer to a standard Warframe mission.

There is no standard day or night on Deimos. Instead, two giant worms are fighting back and forth for domination. A worm, a striking orange man, indicates that waves of Infested will attack. But every day the blue worm will triumph and for a while the planet will become a more peaceful place.

The new player experience is here

Warframe it is intimidating for new players. Last year, Digital Extremes announced that a new player experience is coming, to create a better tutorial and introduction to the world of Warframe. Heart of Deimos will bring this new player experience to live servers, allowing players to travel a much smoother path from the first game to the flesh of history.

More Warframe

The next new Warframe is called Xaku and they were designed by the community from start to finish through a process created by the developer Digital Extremes. Xaku is a “broken” Warframe, and their design is a haunting mass of muscular-looking metal and plasma strings.

Warframe - Xaku Warframe in action

Image: Digital Extremes

The next two Warframes after Xaku are the Alchemist, a huge mad scientist with detachable arms, and Wraithe, an elegant reaper character designed by an artist in the community two years ago. Now that the artist in the community in question works for Digital Extremes, this fan-favorite concept is becoming a serious Warframe.

Stompy war mech

Tenno will have access to a new tool thanks to their operator: Necromechs. Necromechs will be available for use in every area of ​​the open world, not just Deimos, and they will transform Warframe in a real mech title. Necromech is much slower than a Warframe, but is loaded with heavy armor and armor, making it look like a BattleTech tank that players can use and update over time.

Meet Helminth

There is a room on the player’s personal spaceship that has been underutilized for years. This corrupt Helminth room is brought to the foreground in Heart of Deimos. Players will have a giant mouth in that room and are hungry for materials. Once players feed their mouths, they will be able to select a variety of powerful upgrades for their Warframe’s basic skills.

But there is one problem that makes Helminth much more powerful: players can actually power Warframe at Helminth. This requires multiple instructions, but will permanently destroy the Warframe. Then players can take Warframe’s signature ability and apply it to other Warframes. For example, Volt’s Shock ability can be put on Khora or Mag, replacing one of their other abilities.

This essentially makes Helminth like Nintendo’s Kirby, taking advantage of a unit’s key ability to apply it to others.

More than that good tradition

The Heart of Deimos main quest line will take players through Deimos to discover the Orokin experiments that took place on the planet. Low-level players will be able to start playing on Deimos to level up and gain experience and rewards from open world events. However, parts of the planet will be banned from them until the “The Second Dream” search is completed.

There will be archives on the planet that reveal more about the Orokin Empire. Based on the demo shown on TennoCon, it appears that we will find out much more about the Void and the circumstances under which Tenno was created. Heart of Deimos will not continue the narrative of the New War and the return of the Paths; instead, we will deal with an existential threat and find out more about the past.

The Heart of Deimos update for Warframe will be released on August 25 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

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