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Washington Post: NOAA turns to climate change skeptic to help lead agency

David Legates, who was a professor at the University of Delaware before being intercepted by the administration, will serve as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s deputy assistant secretary of commerce for environmental observation and forecasting, according to the Post, which said. that the climate change skeptic will report directly to NOAA administrator Neil Jacobs.

CNN contacted Legates about the reported appointment.

The Post said Legates previously served as a Delaware climate scientist but was “forced to leave” due to his “controversial views” on the matter.

The newspaper said the Legates “had been put under pressure by then Governor Ruth Ann Minner (D), due to her research funded by the fossil fuel industry that questioned the science showing that burning coal, oil and other fossil fuels is the main factor behind global warming and would lead to dangerous effects such as sea level rise and extreme weather events. ”


Legates spoke about some of his views during a hearing before the House’s Natural Resources Commission in 2019, arguing that carbon dioxide isn’t the only thing contributing to changes in the planet’s temperature.

“Carbon dioxide is not this magic knob that decides the temperature of the planet. In particular, there are a lot of other things happening with it as well. The plant does not heat up like a greenhouse, it is simply pure radiation balance.” Legates testified during the hearing.

In response to questions from Republican Representative Tom McClintock of California, Legates said that although the planet is experiencing some of the highest temperatures recorded in the past 150 years, “it has little to do with carbon dioxide,” but it has to do with it. to deal with the “end of the little ice age and the warming conditions due to an increase in the sun”.

Climate scientists broadly agree that carbon dioxide is warming the planet and that human activity, such as burning fossil fuels for energy, has brought the gas to dangerous levels. Other gases, such as methane, are also responsible for some of the causes of human warming we see today.

NOAA “oversees weather forecasting, climate research, and fisheries,” according to the Post, and “has so far continued its climate research and communication activities with no limits of political influence,” unlike other parts of the country. administration, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, who have “fired and sidelined climate scientists or changed their work prior to publication.”

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