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Watch SpaceX launch a GPS III satellite for the U.S. Space Force live – TechCrunch

SpaceX is ready to launch a Falcon 9 rocket today from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The launch is scheduled for 15:55 EDT (12:55 PDT), with a 15-minute window open at that time, and there is a backup opportunity on Wednesday 1 July if the launch is to be pushed back at any time. . This rocket carries a GPS III spacecraft, which is named “Katherine Johnson”

; after the name of the NASA mathematician who played a key role in the Mercury, Apollo and Space Shuttle programs.

The launch today will add another GPS III satellite for GPS resources in space existing of the US Space Force, of which three already in orbit, with another set to be implemented in 2022. This third generation GPS satellite is three times more precise and eight times more resistant in terms of its ability to withstand gaming efforts compared to previous versions. In addition to its use for military and defense applications, the GPS III satellite will also contribute to GPS-based civil satellite navigation.

This launch will include a landing of the Falcon 9 booster, using the SpaceX drone landing ship “Just Read the Instructions” in the Atlantic Ocean.

SpaceX has had a very intense launch schedule over the past month, including its historic first manned spacecraft launch on May 30 with astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley on board. It also subsequently launched two Starlink missions to add to its broadband constellation in low Earth orbit, and had planned another one for the past week, which had to be delayed until after this flight today.

The webcast will begin over approximately 15 minutes before launch time, then around 3:40 pm EDT (12:40 pm PDT)

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