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We already know Ilhan Omar is an anti-Semite. The question is, do Democrats care?

T The chaplain Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., Made another statement that he passed off an anti-Semitic trope on Twitter was not particularly surprising. His anti-Semitism has been obvious to every honest observer since he became a public figure. The only remaining question is: pay attention to the Democrats?

To recap, on Sunday evening, the freshman Democrat, who was assigned a slot to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, reacted to a story about the Republican Minor Rep. Chamber of Deputies Kevin McCarthy's plan to "act" against anti-Semitism regularly exhibited by Omar and his "sister" matriculation Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich. "Everything revolves around Benjamins' child," he wrote, using a reference term and a slang term for $ 1

00 bills to attack Jewish influence in politics.

Then he followed him with another tweet that said he meant " AIPAC" a reference to the pro-Israel pressure group.

The idea that Jews use the money and power to advance foreign interests and exert an adverse influence on politics is a very old anti-Semitic stain. Furthermore, it is not true, by the way, that Omar simply referred to AIPAC. Later Retweeted the former Chief of Staff Harry Reid attacking the influence of Sheldon Adelson – the related article does not mention AIPAC at all. So it is clear that his attack is on money and on Jewish influence.

It is also one that Omar has advanced in one form or another for years. For example, he had previously infamously tweeted: "Israel has hypnotized the world, that Allah may awaken people and help them see the evil deeds of Israel." Later he feigned ignorance about how someone could be offended, but he obviously did not learn anything from the Jewish liberal gullible who sincerely tried to explain the implications of what she said.

It is not worth arguing because his last statement is anti-Semitic in excruciating details. However, it is worth stating some things for the record. To begin with, the "PAC" in AIPAC is not for "Political Action Committee" but for "Committee on Public Affairs". That is, AIPAC does not give money to candidates, tries to pressure congressional members on both sides to make sure that support for Israel is bipartisan. Furthermore, Republicans do not need AIPAC to persuade them to be pro-Israel. In reality, it's all the opposite. I had a lot of parliamentarians and Republican staff members confiding in me over the years that they are increasingly frustrated with the AIPAC for working to break down the various letters in support of Israel to get the Democrats on board and thus preserve the idea that support for Israel is bipartisan, even if a single republican letter in a given example could have been much more favorable to Israel. The truth is that the Republicans are pro-Israel because their constituents are overwhelming: all you have to do is look at the survey data (shown below), or go to conservative conferences where statements of support for Israel often receive the most resounding applause.

In addition, there is nothing wrong with any group engaged in the democratic process of influencing politics. And it's not even as if AIPAC was particularly influential or powerful. The former Iranian nuclear agreement of President Barack Obama went against everything that AIPAC had been supporting for years, Israel has strongly opposed it, and has nevertheless passed it off and won the support of the critical mass of the Democrats in Congress.

In reality it is not about Omar, however. He is a district congressman who sent the anti-Semitic Keith Ellison into the Chamber for 12 years. None of his anti-Semitic statements will cause his problems at home. Instead, with the help of the media, his statements will be turned as mere criticism of Israel, and his status as a courageous truth-teller on the left will only grow.

What is more interesting is what this says about the Democratic Party. For years I have warned that liberals were normalizing anti-Semitism by expanding the kind of discourse that is apologized as a mere criticism of Israel. Obama's defense secretary, Chuck Hagel, had denounced the influence of the "Jewish lobby" in Congress. In selling the Iran deal, Obama suggested that those who opposed the deal were influenced by donors and were not thinking about what was in the best interest of US liberal websites accused by Senator Chuck Schumer of double loyalty for its criticism of the agreement with Iran. All that is happening with Omar and Tlaib is that they are just a little more explicit.

So the question is: when the Democrats draw a line in the sand, if ever? The reluctance to say something up to this point reflects the understanding of an ugly truth: that these opinions are representative of where there is a lot of their party, and at a time when they try to present a unified front, they want to avoid a total war to a tense issue.

Data from the Pew Research Center indicate a growing divide between Republicans and Democrats, particularly conservatives and liberals, when it comes to Israel. Although the parties were once relatively as likely as Republicans to say they sympathize with Israel for the Palestinians, the gap has dramatically expanded over time, with 79% of Republicans now more sympathetic to Israel than only 27% of Democrats (who are now almost equally inclined to say they sympathize with the Palestinians). But the ideological break is even more desolate. Conservatives support Israel with a margin of 81 percent to 5 percent, while liberals actually favor Palestinians by nearly two to one. Political parties like to talk about issues that unite their party, but Israel is an issue that objectively divides the Democrats, as conservative / moderate Democrats are the exact opposite – favoring Israel two to one.

  Pew Israel

So Omar and Tlaib really present a test to the Democrats about what kind of party they want to be. The British Labor Party has already been taken over by the anti-Semitic leader Jeremy Corbyn, and there is no reason why the same thing can not happen in the emerging US representative Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, just this month publicized what an "honor" was to have " a conversation so beautiful and far-reaching " with him.

Just last week, rejecting those who called his anti-Semitism, Omar said: "Our internal political values ​​must be aligned with our foreign policy values, the clear suggestion is that if you want to be on board with the revival of the liberal agenda, it is not enough to support broad economic and social policies at home, one must adopt its hostility towards Israel.

House president Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer may not share the Omar's foreign policy vision, but if they do not invoke anti-Semitism within their ranks, they will signal to others that it is perfectly acceptable as long as it is shot as a mere criticism of Israel.

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