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What Nick Saban said after Alabama’s 38-19 win at Missouri

Alabama opened the season with a 38-19 by beating Missouri on a night punctuated by a Zoom press conference with Nick Saban.

It lasted just over nine minutes with audio echoing through the Memorial Stadium press room as we adjust to the new circumstances. A quick summary of what Saban said in response to the first victory of 2020.

– Overall, Saban seemed satisfied, more with the first half than the second. Saban enjoyed the first half defense, particularly the third down (Missouri was 3 out of 9).


1; The intensity dropped “and we didn’t play well in the second half,” Saban said. Missouri has the merit of “staying there and continuing to fight,” he said.

– On Bryce Young, Saban said they felt like he needed to gain experience “and I think it will be beneficial in terms of the learning curve,” Saban said. “He’s the reserve quarterback, so we have to prepare him to play too. We probably sacrificed ourselves a little offensively by giving him the opportunity to do so. Obviously, he was a little anxious in terms of how he played. It will be something to learn from. . “

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– Saban said they understood where they were after the first game and he likes the maturity of this team and the ability to learn from what happened out there.

– “I’m proud of our team. They’ve been through a lot,” said Saban. “They had to overcome a lot to get into this match and we went out and played very well in the first half.”

– How normal is it to feel out there? “It didn’t look normal,” Saban said. “I think it’s a little different to play without the fans and enthusiasm, but I think our players played hard and competed. I think the spirit of the game was different in terms of fans, but I don’t think the competitive spirit that the players played with and how they played and how hard they tried, I don’t think it was any different than it ever was. is. So, that’s the way the world is right now, at least for the next while so we have to be able to maintain our intensity and not rely on any external factors to try to maintain our intensity and this will be a real key for the whole year. “

– Saban said Christian Harris is more confident and comfortable when he’s there next to Dylan Moses. Year 2 is playing faster with more confidence in his game, now in year 2.

– The understanding was clear between Mac Jones and his best receivers, but Saban said they need to develop more players. “Mac was really good tonight,” he said. The decision making process was strong.

– Everyone plays better when Moses is out there, Saban said. There have been a lot of mistakes stemming from the lineups Missouri threw there and no adjustments have been made. Saban didn’t like the third defense when the Tigers were 5 on 8 in the second half.

– On DB manager Charles Kelly who missed the game, Saban said he wasn’t sure when he would be back, but analyst Mike Stoops (former Arizona head coach) replaced him at Missouri. “We wish Charles and his family the best of luck recovering and hope he will be back soon,” Saban said without specifying the disease.

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