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Why did Justin Hartley split from ex-wife Lindsay Korman-Hartley?

Justin Hartley is a talented actor of the beloved show This is us. However, before his big break with NBC, Hartley spent most of his time on soap opera sets. This is how Hartley met his first wife when he was chosen Passions. Lindsey Korman, Hartley’s colleague, seemed to make an immediate connection with the good-looking actor. In May 2004, Korman and Hartley made their love official. Just a few months later, the couple welcomed their daughter into the world.

After 8 years together, the married couple finally decided to end it all. Hartley and Korman split over “irreconcilable differences”. Since then, Hartley has continued her love journey, but sadly, things don̵

7;t seem to be going well for the well-known star.

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A look at Justin Hartley’s recent relationship with Chrishell Stause

Hartley reunited with Chrishell Stause after her split from Korman. When Hartley was founded with Stause, she was working Days of our lives. The couple began dating in 2013 and got married in 2017.

However, just two years later, Hartley found himself once again filing for divorce. Aside from her performances in popular soap operas, Stause is best known for her role on the reality show Selling Sunset. During the time they have been together, Hartley hasn’t been featured on the show at all, according to ScreenRant. In the new season of Selling Sunset, Stause is seen on camera explaining how blinded she felt when her marriage ended.

What are some Hartley fans and viewers insinuating about the star’s love life?

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Hartley fans and viewers are pretty sure they understand something. Ever since Hartley split with Stause, it seems to have moved on. Hartley has already started dating Sofia Pernas. His most recent love interest was all the evidence some fans and viewers needed to fuel their theory. Both of Hartley’s ex-wives were soap opera stars, and Pernas falls into that category too. Some people are convinced that Hartley is experiencing an unfortunate pattern of jumping from soap star to soap star. Many people have started sharing their views and talking about the split, including one of Hartley’s ex-wives.

What did Lindsay Korman have to say about her ex-husband Justin Hartley’s latest divorce?

After several years of trying to make their marriage work, Korman and Hartley have decided to end it all. Although the couple are co-parents together, many people were surprised to see Korman come to Hartley’s defense. In an Instagram post following the hype about Hartley’s divorce from Chrishell, Korman wrote, “On a day when social media should be used for positivity … an inspiration to the movement in an honest and worthy way. .. I would love to join, highlighting my appreciation for my family. “Korman went on and added:” Today I appreciate my ex-husband Justin not just for being. [an] exemplification of a solid man but to be my dear friend and devoted father to our daughter. In short words; to be a family. ”

Believe it or not, the post didn’t stop there. Korman took a moment to vaguely address Hartley’s current situation and wrote, “We get our opinion on people by experiencing life and time together and do our best to cherish those who maintain consistent kindness, love and generosity. . “Then she shifted her focus to addressing her complex past with Hartley and said,” No matter what conflicts Justin and I have had in the past, I appreciate what we have today and I’m grateful for the family we’ve built. ” it didn’t work for them, it’s good to see Korman supporting Hartley during a tough time.

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