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Wilford Brimley, actor and pitcher of Quaker Oats, dies at 85

Brimley died on Saturday while he was hospitalized in St. George, Utah, his manager Lynda Bensky told CNN. He had been in intensive care, where he was receiving treatment for medical problems and was on dialysis.

“Wilford Brimley was a man you can trust. He said what he meant and meant what he said,” said Bensky. “He had a tough appearance and a tender heart. I’m sad that I can’t listen to my friend’s wonderful stories anymore. He was one of a kind.”

His film credits go back to the 70s and include “Cocoon”, “The Natural” and “The Thing”. He also starred in several TV shows, including NBC̵

7;s “Our House” as an ugly widower who asks his daughter-in-law and children to live with him.

In addition to Quaker Oats, he also appeared in commercials for the American Diabetes Association, where he used his rude baritone to urge people to check their blood sugar frequently.

Over the years, he has gained a new legion of fans – many born decades after his film appearances – drawn to memes that pay homage to his mustache.

“RIP Wilford Brimley – lots of fantastic performances, but I’ll never forget to see him sing this surprisingly tender ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’,” tweeted comedian Stephen Colbert.

Brimley survived his wife Beverly and three children.

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