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Will Smith Gets Scorched After ‘Aladdin’ Trailer’s Released

Will Smith

& # 39; Aladdin & # 39; Fans Fuming …

Who is the Smurf?!?

2/11/2019 6:49 PST

If Will Smith could fulfill the desires, there is a great possibility " Aladdin " the fans will want to discover his portrait of the genius … because the fans of Disney are PISSATI. [1

9659006] The new trailer of the action film "Aladdin" was released on Sunday during the Grammys and fans have finally had the chance to see what Will will look like the blue Genius … and it is sure that almost no one is left impressed.

A fan tweeted, "It turns out that Willdy's Aladdin Genie will haunt my nightmares." Another person said, "Will Will's genie is what appears in my room when I sleep paralysis."

The situation worsens … "I just came out and … why are not there crashed cars – people walking around stunned? They have not seen Will Smith's genius yet yet … Do I dare show them?"

Will will feel … damned if I do it, damn it if I do not. Remember, in December we saw what Will looks like the character of Genie but all have dragged Disney for not turning it blue. After the trailer crashes, Will posted a video and a photo on Instagram and subtitled her, "I said you'd become Blue !! You have to trust me more often!"

Some may argue that it looked TOO blue. Sure to say that everyone loves it when Will be bad … but not this is a bit ugly.

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