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Winners of the Nobel Prize 2020: complete list

The Nobel Prize Season begins each October as committees in Sweden and Norway nominate winners of a number of awards in science, literature and economics, as well as peace work. Announcements began on Monday this year with the awarding of the Physiology or Medicine award. They will continue until next Monday, when the Sveriges Riksbank Prize for Economic Sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel will be announced.

Nobel prizes for most years are handed out to recipients in Stockholm and Oslo in December. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the committees are changing their approaches. Some of the events in Stockholm will be canceled in favor of a digital Nobel Prize ceremony, and medals and diplomas will be distributed to recipients̵

7; embassies and delivered in their home countries. Recipients can be invited to the 2021 awards ceremony if possible.

The Oslo peace award ceremony will be smaller than most years, with a limited audience.

Last month the Nobel committee also announced another change: each prize will rise to 10 million Swedish kronor, 1 million more than the previous year. This is an increase in the value of the premium of approximately $ 112,000 at current exchange rates.

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