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WWE Raw results, recap, votes: Retribution leader revealed, Murphy walks away from Seth Rollins

After a long bumpy ride, we’ve finally found out who is leading the charge with Retribution. As surprising as it is that the invading group received a much-needed evolution in their presentation during Monday’s edition of WWE Raw, the man chosen for the spot that makes perfect sense is even more surprising.

While the existence of Retribution came with much speculation as to who the man behind the masked faction would be – with theories ranging from a McMahons member to hopes of a returning CM Punk – hardly anyone saw Mustafa Ali as the man. that pulls the strings of Retribution. That, however, was the shocking revelation that stands as the largest takeout from the ThunderDome inside Orlando̵

7;s Amway Center on Monday.

Mustafa Ali revealed himself as the leader of Retribution

Ali has been alongside Apollo Crews and Ricochet all night, including joining his friends in turning down MVP’s offer to join The Hurt Business. After The Hurt Business scored a win over Crews and Ricochet earlier in the night, Ali took on the group backstage, saying he wanted Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin in the MVP corner for their match later in the night and has made it clear that he would be in the ring alone.

Mustafa Ali against MVP ended in a no contest after the Retribution attack: During the match, the lights flickered and Retribution members stormed the ring. MVP asked Ali to help The Hurt Business push them back, which Ali initially accepted, siding side by side with MVP, Benjamin and Lashley. Seconds later, Ali rolled out of the ring before telling Mace and T-Bar to attack. Retribution attacked The Hurt Business, eliminating them before posing in the ring with Ali, who turned out to be the leader of the group.

Most of Retribution’s story has been missed opportunities and bad decisions, but the revelation of Ali as the leader of the group was a big step in the right direction. He has a past as a mysterious SmackDown hacker – a gimmick that went nowhere before the reveal was complete – and has spent months talking about not being used and showcasing his work at the Main Event. For the guys who haven’t gotten a fair kick in company despite being talented in the ring and on the microphone, Ali is perfect for Retribution and offers them a passionate spokesperson to help them with their undeniably horrific promotions over the past month. Grade: B +

Murphy and Seth Rollins’ fight

Murphy and Seth Rollins def. Humberto Carrillo and Dominik Mysterio through pinfall after Murphy hit Carrillo with a leaping knee. Before the match, Murphy and Mysterio got into a fight when Murphy told Rollins to apologize for his recent actions towards Aalyah Mysterio. Fights continued throughout the match with Rollins trying to disallow a tag-in from Murphy. After Murphy won for his team, he walked away, yelling at Rollins claiming he didn’t need him. After the game, Rollins faced Murphy backstage and said he had until 10pm. ET to apologize to him, a request in which Aalyah later said she hoped Murphy wouldn’t give in.

By the end of the second hour, Murphy and Rollins were back in the room together, with Rollins apologizing to Murphy or he would break up. Murphy finally had enough, Rollins two-legged and attacking with punches before leading Rollins out and arguing over the announcement table. The battle continued with the pair pacing back and forth in the ring until Murphy grabbed a kendo stick and started hitting Rollins and apologizing to Aalyah. Rollins eventually did, saying he didn’t intend to involve her before begging Murphy to stop and say he had done enough. After Murphy stopped, Rollins leapt from the canvas and buried his thumbs in Murphy’s eyes before returning fire with his kendo stick. As Rollins grabbed a steel chair, Aalyah ran into the ring and begged Rollins to stop before the rest of the Mysterios ran into the ring and Rollins walked away before Rey and Dominik got Aalyah off.

The long teasing is over. Murphy and Rollins are no longer as the disciple got tired of the violent behavior of his messiah. While it’s still unclear where they’re going with the Murphy / Aalyah relationship, it’s still a little uncomfortable given the age difference between the two. But the brutality of Murphy’s attack to force Rollins ‘apology and Rollins’ cowardly return attack was well executed, and the matches between Rollins and Murphy should be very good. Grade: B.

What else happened on WWE Raw?

  • Randy Orton, Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler def. Drew McIntyre and The Street Profits via pinfall when Orton hit McIntyre with an RKO. Orton opened the show by throwing a challenge to McIntyre for a Hell in a Cell match at the upcoming pay-per-view, leading to a backstage brawl between the two. The match was later made official for the Hell in a Cell card. In the main event, Orton hit McIntyre with an RKO for the win just after the WWE champion had Roode fielded with a Claymore.

  • Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke and Asuka def. Lana, Natalya and Zelina Vega via pinfall when Rose pinned Lana after a pump knee. The new weekly tradition where Lana is pinned has continued, and for the third time in the last month, she was then put on the table by Nia Jax after Jax and Shayna Baszler performed a post-match attack.

  • Championship 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – Drew Gulak def. R-Truth (c) by pinfall to win the title. Gulak acted like a masked caretaker backstage before writing down the truth after the truth slipped over a bucket of water.

  • Kevin Owens called Bray Wyatt. Wyatt was supposed to be a guest on “The KO Show”, but instead appeared on the Firefly Fun House’s Tron. Wyatt said Owens didn’t know what happened with The Fiend, but he would find out on SmackDown. As Owens tried to storm the ring to find Wyatt, he was attacked by Aleister Black.

  • Keith Lee versus Braun Strowman ended with a double count-out. Strowman asked for a correspondence because there was no Raw Underground. Adam Pearce said he would not be cleared if they found an opponent. Lee volunteered and the two fought briefly before being counted. They then continued to fight until Lee pushed Strowman off the entrance ramp with both crashing into the tables.

  • Championship 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – R-Truth def. Drew Gulak (c) via pinfall to win the title. The truth ambushed Gulak backstage and locked him inside a dumpster that also contained Akira Tozawa.

  • Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin def. Ricochet and Apollo Crews via submission when Lashley put Crews in Hurt Lock.

  • Women’s team championship – Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler (c) def. The Riott Squad via submission to keep the headlines when Baszler choked Ruby Riott. Baszler brutalized Riott’s arm early in the match, making the match mostly two-on-one with the champions against Liv Morgan for a stretch. Eventually, Baszler choked Riott, refusing to break her grip as Morgan tried to get her out after the doorbell.

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