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WWE Raw Results, Summary, Ratings: Sasha Banks’ shocks in champions against challengers match while heels dominate

With the WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view looming in a matter of weeks, WWE champion Drew McIntyre and female champion Raw Asuka are preparing the challenges of Dolph Ziggler and Sasha Banks, respectively. The champions joined together to challenge their challengers in a high-octane match in Raw’s main event, falling into what was a great night for the heel locker room.

The show opened with Banks and Asuka already struggling ahead of a planned double contract signature segment. After McIntyre left the clause for his game with Ziggler up to the challenger, the main event of the night was set. In the end, Banks and Ziggler were able to pick up the victory to end the night when Banks reversed Asuka Lock in the winning pivot, taking a big momentum in the next PPV remembering why the challengers pose unique threats to the champions.

Seth Rollins, MVP, Andrade and Angel Garza also had great evenings while heels dominated the evening. CBS Sports has been with you all night, offering you all the summaries and highlights you need for WWE̵

7;s flagship TV show. Read on for all the details.

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Double contract signing for Extreme Rules: The show opened with Sasha Banks, Bayley and Asuka arguing in the ring in front of the contract signing table and with Samoa Joe in the ring as host. The women parted, but when Joe started talking, a fight broke out again. The musical success of Dolph Ziggler and broke the chaos before introducing Drew McIntyre. While everyone was finally seated at the table, Ziggler again took credit for McIntyre’s career achievements and said he would break McIntyre by surviving all his best shots and getting up. McIntyre signed the contract, making it official and accepting that they were a family, and understood that Ziggler needs the title because he has never been the center of attention he wanted, always dropping the ball when he gets closer. McIntyre then allowed Ziggler to choose the game clause. A surprised Ziggler was interrupted by Asuka’s outbursts, which signed the contract for her meeting with Banks. Banks said she was not the same woman Asuka had dealt with in the past, and promised to take control of “all the damned company” with Bayley, leading to yet another fight, this time with the men who they joined and Ziggler who saved to avoid a Claymore. It was a good choice to see the show open midway through the fight, giving the show some electricity. The round table statements did not do much new, but the chaos was good enough not to be a disappointment. This was used as a set-up for the mixed tag main event later in the night. Grade: B

Ric Flair delivered a message to Big Show on behalf of Randy Orton: The Big Show moved backstage, beating the tag game between Andrade and Angel Garza and The Viking Raiders because he wanted to deal with his problems with Orton. Show entered the ring and called Orton, but it was Andrade, Garza and Zelina Vega who headed for the entrance ramp. Garza and Andrade questioned Show’s status as a legend while repeatedly saying he wasn’t in the mood to play before inviting them to fight. Vega said they would do Orton a favor, and as Andrade and Garza were about to enter the ring, Ric Flair’s musical success. Flair told Show that Orton would have to deal with him soon enough before telling Andrade and Garza to have some fun. Before they could attempt to attack, the music of The Viking Raiders struck and they hurried to start a fight. Flair’s promo was awkward, but it is unfair to still expect greatness from him at this point in his life. But as big as Orton has been recently, this adjacent Orton segment has fallen somewhat flat. Later Flair asked to speak with Vega, Garza and Andrade. Grade: C-

Andrade and Angel Garza def. The Viking Raiders via pinfall: Zelina Vega commented on the game, which started directly after the fight between the teams that closed the previous segment. After starting off on the right foot, the teamwork between Garza and Andrade eventually ended in a discussion, showing that they hadn’t gone through the problems that plagued them during their problems with Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens. Eventually things got back on track and Andrade distracted the referee while Garza slammed Erik into the ring. Andrade hit his rear elbow and Garza used a blind tag to steal glory with a Wing Clipper, frustrating Andrade when the three counts were scored. While Garza was celebrating, Andrade moved away from behind, angry despite the victory. This was perfectly fine, although spectacular television isn’t spectacular with a nice final sprint segment. Grade: B-

Championship 24/7 – R-Truth def. Akira Tozawa (c) via pinfall to win the title: This was a very short game. The truth avoided a bit of a “ninja fire” moment from Tozawa before simulating a knee injury. He then hid with a schoolboy in search of the pin to regain the championship 24/7, using trickery to beat a ninja. The ninja of Tozawa attacked and tried to retake the title, but Truth escaped from the ring and ran out of the crowd. Grade: C

Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio exchanged messages: Before he got to the ring, Rollins told Murphy that he still had to deliver his most important message. Rollins said Rey Mysterio has a duty to support, but has the problem of not “seeing things too clearly” lately. Rollins again said that Rey’s duty was to sacrifice for Raw’s sake. Rollins then asked for Rey’s forgiveness, “begging” him to forgive him not for his past actions, but for what he was forced to do in the future. “We are bound by fate and, as fate wants, I am the messiah of Monday evening,” said Rollins. “As fate says, Rey Mysterio, you are destined to be a sacrifice for Monday Night Raw’s greatest good.” He then promised to take a piece of Mysterio every time he entered the ring, tearing it apart until nothing but a memory remained. Rey and Dominick Mysterio therefore stopped a remote interview. Rey then asked Dominick to forgive him for what he would do to Rollins. Rey then told Rollins to remember “an eye for an eye” and said that what he would do was not fate, but by design. Rollins then told Dominick that he could end his career before it ever ended, bringing Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo into the ring to end the interview. While the general story has gone well and Dominick’s involvement has been interesting, the Rollins cycle that talks about the fact that Rey is a sacrifice and the promises of what will come has fallen into a basic model. Grade: B-

Seth Rollins & Murphy def. Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black via pinfall: This was a very spicy game with an extremely fast pace. The first convincing next fall came after Carrillo hit Murphy with a 619 by two counts. Rollins hit his knee from Carrillo’s top while Murphy held him up for a powerbomb for two counts after a few moments. Rollins managed to hit Carrillo with the stomp for the pin. Black tried to skip Rollins after the game, but was quickly eliminated. Rollins then asked Murphy to take Carrillo to the ring steps. Carrillo fought them, but Murphy hit him with the ring steps to drop him. Rollins put Rey Mysterio’s mask on Carrillo and again directed Murphy to drag Carrillo onto the steps of the ring. Black saved Carrillo from being spotted in the corner of the steps, but in the ensuing brawl, Rollins managed to hit a stomp on Carrillo at the top of the steps before running on the triumphant ramp. This was a good game and the post match went well, although Rollins has failed several times to get his eyes on anyone since he did it at Mysterio. Grade: B +

Peyton Royce def. Ruby Riott via pinfall: The game came after The IIconics faced Riott backstage for no friends, leading Riott to challenge a single game. Royce soon attacked Riott’s arm, hindering his offensive production. Riott did, but his return was interrupted by a little distraction from Billie Kay. Royce followed the distraction with a corkscrew brainbuster for a quick win. IIconics will never be the best worker in the WWE ring, but that’s not the charm of their package. They are one of the most consistent comic shows in the promotion and the one shown in the previous backstage segment. Grade: C +

Great show def. Andrade and Angel Garza via pinfall in a handicap game: Andrade and Garza had problems with Show’s size and power beforehand, with Garza being beaten. Andrade kept asking Garza to return to the ring and avoid the tags until Garza tagged him inside. Show punched both men with huge cuts throughout the match, throwing them at will. Garza finally put down Show, at which point Andrade hit a blind tag to put himself in the ring to try and steal the moment. Garza and Andrade quarreled before Garza left and said to Andrade, “This is your moment,” leaving him alone in the ring. Andrade then turned into a chokeslam for the pin. Show then picked up Andrade and dropped him again, this time with a massive right hand. Andrade and Garza’s problems are interesting, although WWE has missed an opportunity to turn Zelina Vega’s boys into a dominant faction at the beginning of the block era. But the handicap game was very much in line with the numbers. Grade: B-

MVP def. Apollo Crews (c) via pinfall in an untitled game: Before the game, MVP again hit Crews, saying that the current U.S. champion was disrespectful by refusing the services of the greatest US champion ever. The crews interrupted him, saying that he is a self-made man and that MVP is only concerned with helping himself. MVP dominated the initial stretch, forcing the crews on the defensive. After avoiding a big boot from MVP, Crews hit a big puzzle on MVP. Moments later, Bobby Lashley provided a distraction by allowing MVP to beat the crews from the top of the rope, hit a large boot and a suplex fisherman for the pinfall win. Crews attacked MVP after the game, but were quickly attacked by Lashley, who put the Crews in a complete nelson until Ricochet and Cedric Alexander launched to break the hold. It’s nice to see Crews in a fully formed storyline, although MVP isn’t the best dance partner for someone of his caliber. Grade: B

Bobby Lashley def. Ricochet by sending: Post-game action after Apollo Crews’ loss to MVP led to an impromptu game between Ricochet and Lashley. Ricochet tried to use his speed and agility to avoid Lashley’s initial attack, but Lashley’s anger and power took over as he threw Ricochet in and out of the ring. Lashley threw Ricochet on the ringpost and won the game by counting, but chose to stop the count. Ricochet avoided a spear by simply falling, but Lashley tried to follow up on a complete Nelson. Ricochet counterattacked, dumped Lashley out and tried to dive over him from the apron. Ricochet pushed Lashley to the ringpost and hit a springboard in the ring for two counts. As Lashley went to the top, MVP provided a distraction before Cedric Alexander pulled him out. Unfortunately for Ricochet, a bloody Lashley pushed him to the mat a few moments later and stuck in a Nelson suit for the win. As Alexander entered the ring to check on his partner, Lashley also blocked him in a Full Nelson. This was a very good TV game and Lashley probably never felt more dangerous than now. Grade: B +

Sasha Banks and Dolph Ziggler def. Asuka and Drew McIntyre via pinfall: This game has started to arouse great expectations for what we can expect between Ziggler and McIntyre at Extreme Rules. The two men take a good action, contrasting each other and playing with the idea of ​​knowing each other very well from their past as a partner. With four excellent in-ring competitors in action, things got off to a good start with regular action throughout. After McIntyre took things on Ziggler, Banks went up to the ring and started screaming at the WWE champion. In the end, this led Asuka to step into the ring and kick her head for a count of two. After a few brief back-and-forth shifts between women, Banks locked up the Banking Statement. Asuka then got stuck in the Asuka block and Banks managed to reverse, using the hold to lock Asuka’s shoulders to the canvas for the count of three and the victory after an excellent mixed tag match. Grade: B +

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