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WWE SmackDown results, recap, votes: Roman Reigns teams up with Jey Uso, new female title challenger emerges

As Roman Reigns prepares to defend his universal championship against Jey Uso at Clash of Champions, Reigns could have been expected to perform the standard heel-style attack on his cousin. Instead, Friday night’s SmackDown saw the two men team up to face Sheamus and King Corbin, even though Reigns was absent for most of the match.

Reigns, who promised earlier in the night to deliver Uso the kind of beating he’d done when the two were kids, ditched Uso for much of the tag team’s main event before making a very opportunistic appearance to score. the pin. Uso still seemed willing to embrace Reigns out of loyalty to their family, but there is a clear tension between the two ahead of the Sept. 27 pay-per-view, mainly a Reigns product that cares more about its current position than the man who has stayed by his side for a long time.

Read on for summaries and highlights from all the action of the night.

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso team up

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman entered the ring for an opening promo of the show, with Heyman immediately addressing the fact that Reigns̵

7; cousin Jey Uso won first place as a contender last week at SmackDown before welcoming a Use in the ring. After Uso arrived in the ring, Heyman confirmed it was Reigns ‘idea to replace the injured Big E with Uso last week in the fatal four-way to determine Reigns’ challenger to Clash of Champions. Reigns promised Uso that, just like when they were kids, he would “whip his ass”, which Uso laughed before King Corbin interrupted. Corbin said the whole situation was a setup to get a hand-picked opponent who was the champion’s cousin. The next to stop was Sheamus, who supported Corbin’s theory. Uso eventually launched a challenge for a tag match, teaming up with Reigns against Sheamus and Corbin later in the night.

Jey Uso and Roman Reigns def. Sheamus and King Corbin via pinfall after Reigns hit a spear on Sheamus. Reigns left Uso pending early, not coming out for the match as Uso was stuck fighting two big bruises in a two-on-one situation. As Sheamus was about to hit a Brogue Kick, Reigns’ music hit and led to a distraction that allowed Uso to gain the advantage over both men before going for a Uso Splash on Sheamus. Reigns hit a blind tag, however, and hit Sheamus with a spear to steal the glory with the pin.

Roman Reigns’ heel run started well with his opportunistic methods. He won the universal championship at Payback without doing any heavy work in the match and technically got the win in this match the same way. Uso may have won the game on his own, but Reigns is a bead now, and as such, a glory hog. The tensions between Reigns and Uso are interesting and different from the standard WWE dynamic, so it’s hard to complain, even if the general angle of the evening wasn’t exciting. Grade: B-

Bayley explains the attack on Sasha Banks, gets the new title challenger

Bayley cut a promo in the ring by bringing the chair he used to attack Sasha Banks last week, saying he knows everyone wants answers as to why he attacked Banks, but said instead of answers, he had questions. He asked if Banks thought she was an idiot who didn’t know what her partner was thinking all along. Bayley knew, she said, that Banks was just waiting for her moment to strike after holding her close for years, but said after last week, she realized that Bayley is now completely useless to her.

Nikki Cross def. Tamina, Lacey Evans and Alexa Bliss via pinfall after blocking Tamina with a sunset. Cross made his entrance as Bayley was leaving the ring, only to suffer a brief attack from the SmackDown champion. The question of the effect that The Fiend’s time with Bliss had on her was a question during the match before Bliss hit Cross with her sister Abigail outside the ring. Bliss then went to the back, leaving the match behind. Evans eventually knocked out Tamina with a women’s right before being knocked out by Cross. Cross then casts a sunset over Tamina to score the pinfall and earn a Clash of Champions title.

Bayley’s promo was what anyone should expect. She attacked Banks before Banks could attack her and she no longer saw any value in their friendship as he was no longer benefiting them. And the Bliss moment was a solid move in a storyline that has been developing over the past month. But we just saw Cross take on Bayley for the SmackDown title twice in July, including at Extreme Rules. The WWE model of competing on the ground has gotten exhausting at this point and Cross is little more than a Challenger of the Month. Furthermore, the match itself was completely forgettable. Grade: C +

What else happened to WWE SmackDown?

  • Intercontinental Championship – AJ Styles def. Jeff Hardy (c) by disqualification. Before the game, Sami Zayn stopped to claim again that he was the true Intercontinental champion, trying to put “on record” that the game was not a game for the title, but was escorted by Adam Pearce and WWE security. After solid back and forth action, Zayn pulled Styles off the apron ring for a disqualification before rushing to hit a Helluva Kick on Hardy. Hardy tripped and fell after the match due to what was later referred to as “dehydration”, before Styles was interviewed backstage and said he could beat both men, seemingly approaching a three-way Clash of Champions.

  • Lucha House Party def. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura via pinfall when Kalisto pinned Cesaro with a roll-up. Cesaro and Nakamura argued with The Street Profits backstage before the match and were then distracted when Raw Tag samples were shown on the Tron at a small party in the “Hall of Champions”. The distraction allowed Kalisto to steal the brooch.

  • Otis def. John Morrison by pinfall after hitting the caterpillar. During the match, Miz stole Otis’s Money in the Bank lunchbox, apparently realizing what Morrison didn’t do last week when he stole the briefcase, only to find that Otis held the match contract for the title in the game. lunch basket. Later, Otis revealed that Miz stole a lunchbox, but not the lunch box, revealing that the contract was still in his briefcase.

  • Bray Wyatt has introduced a new friend to the Firefly Fun House. Surprisingly, the friend was not Alexa Bliss, but Pasquale the persevering parrot. Pasquale did not come out of the box Wyatt tried to reveal it from and after “technical difficulties”, Wyatt said he would have to punch holes in the box and the parrot was dead. Vince McMahon’s puppet then seemed to say Wyatt couldn’t handle the responsibilities of the Fun House and revealed the new “special adviser” at Funhouse, Wobbly Walrus, a puppet show about Paul Heyman.

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